Things To Consider Before Relocating To Spain

Many people dream of moving abroad to start a better life. But before the dream can become reality it is really important to do your homework as depending on the country you are planning to move to there can be lots of things that you need to take into consideration.

There are many places where us Brits think about moving to for this article I am going to tell you about some of the things you should consider thinking about before planning a move to Spain. My plan isn’t to put you off and I’m not an expert by any means but I hope I give you a few things to consider as moving abroad may not be as easy as you first thought however it may even put some of your concerns at ease.

Research Before You Go

Make sure you look at the area you are wanting to move to – just as you would here in the UK. You want to make sure that there is a low crime rate, good schools and medical practitioners near by.

Who is Going With You

Are you going on your own, with a partner, your family? If you’re going on your own compared to with others, the process of moving to a different country would in some ways be easier. If you’re going with a partner or children you need to think long term – schools, medical costs and what would you do if someone was taken ill or didn’t settle and wanted to come back home – would you be able to do that?

Red Tape

There is a lot of red tape surrounding moving to a new country. Some places are easier than others to relocate too but wherever you decide you need to remember you simply can’t decide you want to move away or else everyone would be doing it. Just make sure you do your research properly. You may need a visa to be able to stay and work, you may need to have a bank account with enough funds to support yourselves until you are able to work and you will need to make sure if you need to be registered with the authorities so that you are in the tax system where applicable and can recieve medical treatment should you need it.

Find Somewhere to Live

If you decide that Spain is the country for you then you need to decide where you will live. Are you planning to rent a house or buy one? Either way, it is totally different from renting or buying a house here in the UK. If you are considering a move to Spain Bromley Estates, Marbella are on hand to help you every step of the way in your journey to owning your own home in Spain. They have homes available in many areas in Spain including properties in Estepona.


If you are able, looking for and applying for jobs before you go will give you an idea of the jobs available. As I previously mentioned there is a lot of red tape involved when moving abroad to make sure you are able to work in the place you are relocating or else you could find yourselves in a lot of trouble.

There are many things to consider when moving aboard and I’ve only just scratched the surface with my suggestions. Don’t rush into making a decision, think it through and make sure it is 100% right for you and your family.

Are you planning to move abroad?

*This is a collaborative post*

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