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Summer Clothes Must Haves For A 9 Year Old

I say it all the time but there is so little choice when it comes to buying boys clothes – it has got a lot better since I had Callum but there is still a massive gap compared to the amount that is available for girls. I find it really hard to buy junior clothing for My Three and I dread a trip to town when they all need new things at the same time as we can spend a full day looking and still come away with very few things that they like.

Summer is pretty much here, which means the boys will be breaking up from school, meaning lots of days out and time spent in the garden – this is the time of year when they wear their own clothes the most (and boy does my washing machine know about it) and I am dreading it already. I have been looking online a lot recently as there is so much more choice available than in the shops.

Some of the items I will be buying James this summer include:

Joggers – My Three live in their joggers when we are at home, they are comfy and perfect for if they are having a movie day, playing on their consoles or out in the garden or at the park. I don’t like them wearing them when we are going out for the day but I think they are a must-have item in any boys wardrobe for lazy days at home.

T-shirts – I love seeing James in cute Tshirts, this won’t be the case for much longer though as now he is getting older he prefers to wear t-shirts with less detail.

Shorts – Hopefully, summer means nice weather and nice weather means shorts. I love seeing the boys in denim shorts with a nice t-shirt or shirt when we are going out for the day or out for dinner in the evening. They are perfect to wear when we are on holiday as they’re both smart and casual.

A Jacket – Ideal when it’s a little cool and you don’t need a full coat or waterproof jacket. Even on the warmest of days we always carry a light jacket or hoody with us just in case it’s not so warm when we arrive at our destination – many a time we’ve been caught out on days at the coast where the wind blows a little more and a lot cooler than at home.

In all honesty, it’s not just the boys who I struggle to buy clothing for, Matthew and I have the same problem too – he struggles to find clothes that fit him as he is tall, so ends up buying 2/3xxl just for the extra arm and body length but then they look huge and baggy on his stomach. I struggle to find clothes as I am so small – well I’m not but my body has odd proportions so petite trousers will fit me great in the legs but not so great on my stomach down to my legs no matter what size waist I buy and tops are a nightmare so I have to buy tall styles just so they cover more than my belly button. I would love to be a nice normal proportioned person – does that exist? please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with this.


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