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How We Will Have A Stress Free Wedding Abroad

It’s no secret that we are planning to get married in New York next year. We haven’t set a date yet but we are planning to get married in either July ( It’s Matthew’s 40th birthday) or in December (imagine all the Christmas lights and hopefully snow in the photos it would be absolutely magical. New York isn’t the cheapest of places to visit no matter what time of year you visit but Christmas time is uber expensive – add four boys who will all want presents and all the other expenses that come with the festive period, December 2019 is looking like a very expensive month for us. This is why need to save now as we believe there’s no point going into a marriage owing money and having a huge debt hanging over us for the sake of just one day. It would be even worse if anything should happen and we were unable to pay the debt back and then had to stop bailiffs from coming to our door.

Weddings can be as expensive or as cheap as you make them. Our overall budget is around £5000, I know people who have spent much less and some who have spent a whole lot more. Our families are huge (I’m one of 50+ cousins all who are grown up with partners and children) and trying to cater to everyone in both of our families would be impossible. I know people say you don’t have to invite everyone but seriously the fallout just isn’t worth it. This is the main reason we are planning on going away, anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome but they know that they are paying for all expenses incurred on the trip themselves – we are quite happy to go away on our own.

Here are few of the things we are planning to do to make our wedding as cheap as possible.

Flowers and Rings – I’m not sure if we will be having wedding flowers but if we do I will be looking to take a bouquet of faux flowers with me in my suitcase. I may even source a florist whilst in New York and see if they are able to make me a little bouquet up. As for the rings we will buy those before we go away. We have a maximum budget of £500 for both rings and I’d like to think that we’d have some change from this.

Hair and Makeup –  If our friends decide to come with us I am hoping that they will help with my hair and makeup, If not, I will be finding a department store nearby that does makeovers or maybe I might have a look at some youtube tutorials on how to do makeup professionally and put lots of effort in before we leave.

Venue – New York has some amazing wedding venues. We are planning to get married in City Hall in a quickie ceremony. We have to be in the city for 24 hours before we can get married but this suits us just fine. We are planning a trip to Central Park after our ceremony to get some photographs.

Reception – Whilst in New York we are planning a meal out and then a show on Broadway – nothing fancy but something that is perfect for just the two of us. Once home we are planning to have a reception at a local pub where all our friends and family can join us in celebrating our marriage. We won’t be having a big sit down meal but a buffet instead again this is more us than a big cooked meal, plus it means there is no seating plan for me to sort out (which is a win in my eyes). We will be asking family members to help with the costs by making our cake, favours (if we even have them) and by taking lots of photos.

Honeymoon – As we are already away when we get married there would be no need for a honeymoon after our wedding. However, if we have any budget left I think it would be lovely to take the boys away for a week in the next school holidays.


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