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Seven Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Kids Room Tidy

Having kids in the house is a blessing, there is no doubt! Those little versions of you run everywhere and spread love all the time. However, love is not the only thing they can give you. They are able to make your head hurt, when you see their cluttered room – toys everywhere on the floor, bed not done, clothes scattered around the closet – not the best view in the world. We know how hard keeping your kids’ room tidy can sometimes be, so we are here to give you some tips on the cleaning and organising of their personal space. We hope you find these seven tips useful and make cleaning easier and more pleasant for both you and your little heirs.

The first step of having a clean and organised kids’ room is to realise that you should help them and teach them how to do it on their own. What you should do is working with them in the cleaning activities. Get in their room and take a look. Ask them to tell you which are their favourite items and to tell you about what they have. This way you will know which things are more valuable to them than others and you will know which items they like less. This helps with cleaning because you will do it by their rules.

The second step is to involve them in the cleaning tasks. You should set an example for every room in the house to show them how a clean and organised room is supposed to look. Then when it’s time to clean their room, show them the right way to do things and be patient, because it might take them more time to understand everything correctly. Explain to them each task separately and they will soon learn how to do everything the right way. You can even put labels or draw little pictures of items where they should be put.

Give their items their own “home”. Kids like it when they have a place called home for their pet toys, or clothes, or anything in their possession. Cleaning will be a lot easier if you tell your kid to put any item where its home is, instead of telling them to put the thing away are saying from maincleaners.co.uk.

You have to store your kids’ items right. Their homes should be organised in an easy way, so your kid to be able to clean on their own. Divide the closet into sections and categorise the clothes with the help of your little heir. You can use the same rule for toys and any other type of your kids’ items.

When engaging in cleaning activities in your kids’ room, you should start from the floor because kids really do spend a lot of time there, playing with their toys. Starting from the floors, work your way up, and clean the room together. It is a good opportunity to spend some time with your children and make each other smile.

Perhaps you know that kids sometimes lose interest very fast. They move on to a new, more interesting activity. Since cleaning isn’t the most fun a kid can have, you have to be prepared that they will not be concentrated in the tasks all the time. We have a tip that can help you in these situations. Make cleaning and organising activities into different games. You can set a timer, play some music, announce an award and motivate your kid to engage in the activities the fun way. He or she will learn that when things are done right, the person responsible is recognised and encouraged.

Make a schedule or a chart with the cleaning chores for your kids in their room. For example, choose Thursday as the day when you will change the sheets. Do it together the first few times, until they learn how to do it and when, and you can leave them to handle things alone in the future. Make it known that dirty clothes should be put in the laundry basket every day and toys should be always put in their “homes” when the kids stop playing with them.


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