Ravensburger The Amazing Spider-man Jigsaw Puzzle

Recently Ravensburger sent us our Puzzle of the month to review, usually the puzzle is aimed for Nathan or James but Callum had a lovely surprise when he saw that this months puzzle was in fact for him. We were sent The Amazing Spider-man jigsaw puzzles.

There are 3 puzzles in the box, each puzzle is made up of 49 pieces. When I first opened the box and saw a bag full of pieces I was slightly concerned as to how Callum would differentiate between the pieces needed for the 3 individual puzzles, especially as there is a lot of red and blue pieces for each of them. On closer inspection we saw that the puzzles were all marked differently on the backs so that you could see which piece belonged to which puzzle.

Callum said he enjoyed doing the puzzles and that they didn’t take him to long to do although they did make him use his brain to figure out where the pieces went. The puzzles are suitable for children aged 5+. Nathan did try helping Callum at one point but got bored as he said there were too many pieces to put together.

We can’t wait until next month so see what puzzle we will have to review.

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