Pom Bears Smoky Bacon & Prawn Cocktail Snacks


The boys were asked if we would like to review the new prawn cocktail Pom-Bears and smoky bacon Pom-Bears and of course they jumped at the chance.

They loved the fact that each crisp is shaped like a teddy bear this definitely makes them fun and a first choice for many children and adults too.

These lovely teddy bears are gluten free and contain no artificial flavourings or colours so us mums can rest easy too.  They are also suitable for vegetarians.

They have a lot of flavour which is great as there’s nothing worse than buying a packet of flavoured crisps to find they taste like ready salted. They give a light crunch and then dissolve in your mouth so perfect for all ages.

There are only 98 calories per bag too which I think is good as many crisps are over 100 calories. I also find you get a lot in a bag which is a change as usually when I pick up crisps most of the bag is full of air.

Pom-Bears can be bought from most leading supermarkets and are priced at £1.39 for a packet of 6

We give the new flavours a big thumbs up!

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