My Five Essentials For Painting A Room

The school holidays are almost here – for the boys this means 6 weeks of fun filled days, me, on the other hand, it means decorating at least one room in the house and really, it’s not a bad thing I actually quite enjoy it. Without the interruption of school runs, I can get so much more done each day. I can prepare a room all in one go and then get on with the task of decorating. To make the job as painless as possible I always make sure I have everything to hand. There’s nothing worse than having to stop mid-task and try to get what you need. If you remember last year I decorated the boy’s bedroom, this summer I will be decorating Callum’s room – I just hope that this room is easier than the last one to sort out – it was a nightmare! You can read about it here.

Here are the items I always make sure I have to hand or buy if I need to before starting any decorating job:

Wallpaper – Deciding on wallpaper can be one of the hardest parts of decorating a room. You want to make sure you choose the right design – there are literally 100’s and 100’s of different designs out there and you really want to make sure that you are 100% happy with your final choice. I love Graham and Brown wallpapers (we used some of their paper in the boy’s room last summer) I hate making decisions so I always leave the choosing part up to Matthew. You also need to decide if you’re going to have a feature wall or if you are papering the whole room. If you have uneven walls you may want to cover them with an embossed paper so that the walls are covered evenly. 

Paint – Who knew there were different types of paint – gloss, matt, silk… and don’t get me started on the endless colours you can choose from – this is a nightmare for someone who has to be in charge making decisions I can tell you. I do love to paint though – especially the glossing as I know that once this job is started the decorating is almost done – until the next time that is.

Paintbrushes – My dad loves to use the same paint brushes time and time again, personally I like to buy new ones for every decorating job I do (if I’m doing more than one room at a time I will reuse my brushes). Did you know you can different types of paint brushes? Well, I certainly didn’t until I looked at Engelbert Strauss – I honestly thought there were different sized brushes but no, there are brushes with angled heads for cutting in and corners, there are radiator brushes for painting radiators, round and flat head brushes and large surface area brushes. I will certainly be bearing this in mind when I next buy my new paintbrushes instead of just buying the first ones I find.

Protective Sheets – These are a MUST for any decorating job – they cover everything from your floors to beds and bookcases that you have to leave in the middle of the room. Last year when I was decorating the boy’s room a dust cover saved a whole bunk bed – imagine a trip up a step ladder whilst holding a tray of paint… yeah the paint covered protective sheet was not good but it could’ve been so much worse. 

Old Clothes – As above you do not want to ruin your nice clothes by getting them covered in paint. I am planning to purchase some overalls to use for when I decorate so that I no longer need to worry about getting messy or ruining any more of my clothes.

Honestly, though I love decorating and can’t wait to get stuck into this year’s task – I may even paint the bathroom and kitchen once I’m done.

*This is a collaborative post*

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