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My Idea of The Perfect Night In

I very rarely get time to myself – actually I do five days a week when the boys are at school and Matthew is at work but I mean proper time to myself where I don’t have to do anything but relax. I’m a busy mum of three, partner and fur mummy too – our house is always busy and there is always something that needs to be done. But I do need to try to and make more time for myself as I find I sleep better and my work is much more productive the next day when I’ve had time to wind down and relax. Recently I was sent a box full of items to help me relax and unwind from Sanctuary Bathrooms.

bodywash, a bath bomb, bar of chocolate and small bottle of wine

The aim behind the box was to give me a helping hand so that I pamper myself and relax and I can tell you that it came at the right time. I’d had a busier week than normal with parents evenings, a trip to the theatre (if you have the chance to go see Cilla do so – you will not be disappointed we had an amazing night) and Matthew had been away for the night fishing.

My pamper nights always include a soak in the bath, I wash my hair first over the bath so that I can then run a bath with either a bath bomb or a good squeeze of bubble bath. The more bubbles the better. I usually spend an hour to an hour and a half in the bath. I always wait until the boys are in bed so that I won’t be disturbed and I usually listen to Magic FM. Sometimes I’ll read a book or scroll through Facebook and other times if I’m not listening to the radio I’ll listen to an audiobook.

a bath bomb dissolving under running water in a white bath tub

As I’ve got older my skin has become so dry – well everywhere except my face which seems to have been through some teenage rebellion (I never had spots as a teenager but now I just have to look in the mirror and they appear) so I try to use products that will keep my skin soft and moisturised and free from spots.

I’m not one for drinking in the bath but my best friend swears by having a glass of her favourite wine whilst in the bath. Myself I prefer to have a drink once I’m dried and cosy in my PJs and dressing gown, I’ll then continue to read my book or watch something on TV that I’ve had recorded. I’ll dry and straighten my hair (which can take ages as it is so long and thick) I’ll then paint my nails and if I have the time I will paint a pattern on each nail too.

What do you do to relax?


*We were sent a box full of products to enjoy – we were not compensated for this post*

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