What Not To Do When Decorating

A few months ago My Three and Me were asked if we’d like to take part in a room makeover challenge by the lovely people from Graham and Brown. I agreed almost immediately as one of the bedrooms was in desperate need of a huge makeover, it was still decorated the same as when we’d moved here 7 years ago – the whole room including the ceiling was a “lovely” shade of brown. We had put off decorating as when the boys were little they had a tendency to peel the paper off ( James has only recently grown out of this habit) and when Marley joined the brood he had taken to sharpening his claws on the walls too – but only in the boys room (don’t waste your time with one of those big scratching posts – he’s not entertained it once, no matter where in the house we have placed it).

I was planning on writing just the one post about our new room makeover – from start to finish but seriously the preparation has really been so drawn out because it has been so awful I felt I needed to write a post to let out my frustration as it has taken me weeks and weeks to get the walls in a suitable condition so that the new paper can be put up – yes it really was that bad!!!

I started removing the old wallpaper as soon as our new wallpaper arrived (you will see what we chose in our reveal post) and found that this room makeover would be no easy task  – I’m no expert – far from it in fact, but I like to think that I can hold my own and actually stood a chance of making my home look beautiful, but seriously this makeover would’ve tested the patience of a saint. It is amazing what people will do to “fix” things.

Here are a few things not to do / what you should do when decorating a room.

  • If you ever have to remove blown vinyl wallpaper – DON’T – it is the devil and hides a multitude of sins as we sure found out – There is a reason that this paper has been used, like woodchip it is the work of the devil and the worst thing ever to remove. If the paper is intact and can just be left leave it alone… forever…
  • When putting up new wallpaper remove the old wallpaper first – now this might seem like a no-brainer and yes you’re right it is but let me tell you when I was stripping the walls there were at least 4 layers of other wallpaper underneath – it took me ages to strip each layer off.
  • Use a wallpaper steamer if you have one or failing that hot soapy water works well to loosen tough wallpaper  – if you score it first it will come off easier too.
  • Fix any big holes with the appropriate materials filler and a ball of wallpaper is not enough or appropriate – yes we found a huge hole that was filled this way.
  • Fill and smooth over small holes/cracks with filler – don’t just paper over them.
  • Once your walls are all paper free then you can paint your ceiling and gloss all your skirting boards, window sills, doors and any other wooden things that need a freshen up – it is so much easier to do this before you have put up the fresh wallpaper.
We can’t wait to share with you the finished room makeover – it looks so different and although there was a lot of prep work and work to correct earlier bodged jobs I’m proud to say that I did the majority of it myself.

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