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How To Make Your Workspace Productive

Working from home I know only too well the importance of having a work space that is mess free and a place that I enjoy spending time in. Sometimes though its hard to keep my space tidy as I often find myself in a situation that I like to call “organised chaos”. 

Next year I am seriously considering upgrading my workspace – at the minute I use my laptop and I have a little table where all my work stuff is situated so that it is to hand as and when I need it. Matthew has a desk for his PC but I don’t use his space unless I have to as I find that I can’t work as well there as I can when sat in my own space. One thing I will be looking at is a garden room. Not only will this give me my own place to set up my workspace how I like but it will give me somewhere to sit in the summer where I can enjoy the sunshine and see all the wildlife that comes into the garden – there is nothing cuter than seeing the squirrels scurry across our fences or the birds feeding and bathing.

If you’re looking at making your workspace more productive take a look at the information below – it may just give you some ideas.

*This is a collaborative post*

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