Letters from Santa

All three boys are getting more and more excited about Christmas, I’m not sure why – maybe its because of all the chatter about it or the fact that they’re on the final countdown at school for their final week. We have done the two Nativity plays – both boys were fabulous and they looked great. Callum has had his school Christmas lunch and tomorrow we have the task of writing out cards for his class mates.

I have never seen the boys looked so shocked or as excited as they have been today, the reason for this is what dropped through our letter box this afternoon, – It was their letters from Santa. The letters arrive in personalised envelopes with north pole stamps on them too.

I was contacted by It’s Your Story and asked if the boys would like to receive a letter from Santa each. Both Callum and Nathan were sent a letter.

The boys were really shocked as Santa knew who they were and in his letter he told them that he knew where we lived and the time that he would be visiting him. Plus he said our street would be his first stop – now that made the boys jump and shout lots I can tell you. They were also both surprised that Santa knew who was their best friends and that he knew how old they would be next year. They also thought it was amazing how Santa had put a picture of them on the letters dressed as one of his elves.

The letters were really easy to organise and personalise. I had lots of fun filling in the details as I knew exactly what the boys would be like once they received their “surprise” letters. The information requested was things like best friends, age next year and where we lived. This enables the letters to be personalised to your child.

The letters cost £4.50 each. Delivery is £1.50 but you can pay for express delivery to ensure your letter arrives sooner. If you are thinking of ordering a letter I would advise doing it sooner rather than later as time is starting to be against us all for posting letters and parcels and ensuring delivery before Christmas. The letters are unique in that they can be photo-personalised, I actually think my boys make lovely elves too.

I will definitely be using these letters again next year for the boys, I give It’s Your Story a 4/5 rating.

The very kind people over at Its your story have given me a code for all my readers simply enter HERECTB20 to get a 20% discount before 16th December on a letter to santa for your little ones.

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