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Finding The Happiness In My Home with JYSK

For the past month, I have been partnered with JYSK, the international store group that sells everything for your home, as part of its celebrations around the opening of its 2,500th store globally. If you are a regular reader of My Three and Me you will remember that we hosted a competition at the beginning of the partnership to find out what made people happy in their homes. The results of the Feel the Happiness Survey, which you all contributed to, helped give us an insight into what makes you happiest at home – the Scandinavians call it Hygge!

I recently wrote about the products JYSK sent us to make our home a happier place. I chose items for my bedroom as it was a room that we hadn’t decorated in the 8 years we have lived here. The transformation is amazing and I can honestly say that I have never had a better night’s sleep whilst living here. In the month since we assembled all the items, we have a room that has remained clutter free and one that I love spending time in. I am finding that I am going to bed earlier so that I can read before settling down to sleep. In all honesty, I love my new bed, it is my little piece of heaven. The scatter cushions make it a lovely place to sit and relax and the throw is perfect if it’s a little chilly. Sometimes though it is nice to get in under the covers and have an early night.


Although we are only a month down the line with our new products they still look great and the mattress is as comfy as it was the first night we slept on it. All the products we were sent took some time to assemble but you can tell how well made and the quality of the finished products by the detail that was required for assembling the items. They are definitely built to last and I hope that they will stand the test of time in our home.

kingsize bed with lots of cushions and a ipad in the middle of the bed

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JYSK to all my family and friends. We are going to decorating the boys’ bedrooms after Christmas and we will certainly be going to see what products JYSK has to offer. At the minute we are thinking of buying the boys a smaller white wardrobe and the larger 6 chest of drawers in the same design as what we have in our room.

We will let you know what we decide once we start to redecorate their rooms.

This is our last post for the time being with JYSK. Thank you for those of you who took the time to enter the survey for us and thank you JYSK for working with us, it has been a pleasure. I am so happy that I have been able to find my little bit of happiness in my home.

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