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Beard Care: Growing & Grooming Tips While Parenting

When it comes to beard care, how on Earth do you juggle trimming, shaving or styling with running around after toddlers?

A beard is the ultimate fashion statement for men these days. With even more ways than ever to style and groom, it should be easy to get the look you want. However, when you’re bringing up children, the process can seem near impossible. How do you find the time for beard care and to look after yourself when your tiny humans need looking after too? Whether you choose to opt for a short tidy beard, a longer scruffy beard or the completely clean-shaven look, here are some tips to keep growing and grooming a beard as easy as possible.

Let start by banishing a couple of beard myths.

Yes, there are a few myths flying around that may put dad off having a beard around the kids. We should embrace the beard and realise that actually, there are solutions to a lot of beard ‘problems’.

Beards irritate the skin.

It is true that a beard can become itchy and uncomfortable for a man, and for the kids when they’re having a cuddle with dad. However, the reason for this is that the beard is dried out and needs a little extra care. Beard balms by The English Shaving Company are a perfect solution. Not only are beard balms and oils deep conditioning agents, but they can help keep a beard softer for longer.

There are too many germs in a beard.

In fact, there are germs in everything if you don’t clean properly! You can keep a beard germ free by simply washing it regularly like you would with the hair on your head. You can purchase shampoos specifically for beards to eliminate any germs and keep it looking and feeling fresh.

Growing and grooming tips!

Being a dad is one of the greatest things in the world. Parenting and bringing up children isn’t necessarily the easiest of tasks, however, and you can soon find yourself feeling overly tired with an unkempt beard making you look worse! It’s important to find some time for yourself and including a little beard care in that routine is a good idea.

1. Identify your ideal beard.

Depending on the type of beard you strive to own, there are different ways to care for it. There shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t get the look you want. From the clean-shaven look to the well-groomed goatee, you’ll be able to find the right premium products to ensure you always look your best.

2. Have younger children? Trim or suffer the consequences!

There’s nothing quite like a young child grabbing a huge chunk of your prized facial hair. To avoid getting dragged around by your face at playtime, keep the beard shorter. There are many beard trimmers on the market these days for a precise trim, so invest in something of a high quality to get the best results.

3. Beard oils and balms.

As we mentioned earlier, beard oils and balms keep your facial hair soft, nourished and clean. If your little ones cower away every time you go in for a bedtime kiss, now’s the time to act. Oils and balms are easy to use, and simply require running through with your fingers after a good shampoo. It’s important to get right to the roots and to massage it into the skin where your beard grows too.

4. If in doubt, choose premium.

With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know what to choose. You walk into a cheaper store and notice so many great deals – in fact, when it comes to buying pretty much anything these days, you get what you pay for. Cheaper products will give a cheaper result, so it’s always better to choose a premium product, trimmer or razor for the best outcome.

5. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

If your friends and family are struggling to get you a gift this Christmas, or you’re wondering what to buy for the man in your life, a good thing to opt for is a complete beard care grooming or shaving kit. These kits are great to have in the house and include everything a man needs for a shave or trim all in one place.

Beard care doesn’t have to be an inconvenience.

With the right tools and advice, there’s no reason why looking after your appearance can’t be achieved as a parent. If you’ve been wondering where to start, keep these tips in mind! Do you have any other tips for growing and grooming a beard while parenting? Let us know in the comments!

This post was written in collaboration with The English Shaving Company, who sell premium beard care products. For more information or to view their range, visit their website: https://www.theenglishshavingcompany.com.

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