DVD’s For All The Family This Christmas

Grab the mistletoe and get ready to find the perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas. Warner Bros. has the ultimate selection, whether you’re looking for him, for her, or for festive favourites to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

For Him

  • Creed – A spin-off from the ‘Rocky’ film series that tells the story of Adonis Johnson Creed, Son of Apollo, a world heavyweight boxing champion who died in the ring. Adonis never knew his father but just like him has all the makings of a champion boxer – he just needs to improve his skills. To do this he heads to Philadelphia to train at Mighty Mick’s Gym where Rocky Balboa once trained. After an encounter with his dad’s former rival and friend, Adonis asks Rocky to coach him, but the young fighter will have his work cut out for him as he is about to face an incredibly tough opponent.
  • Batman V Superman – Following on from the events in ‘Man of Steel’ (2013). Batman heads to Metropolis when he becomes concerned that Superman’s powers may get out of hand if he isn’t kept under control. Both heroes find themselves in a head-to-head battle and a terrifying evil threatens the safety of the human race. Will Batman and Superman be able to defeat their common enemy and save the day? 
  • Black Mass – Johnny Deep portrays real-life serial killer James ‘Whitey’ Bulger in this biographical crime drama. It’s 1975 and Winter Hill Gang leader Whitey’s hold over South Boston is threatened by the Angiulo Brothers of the Italian-American Mafia. In order to bring down his opposition and protect himself and his family, Whitey agrees to turn informant against the Angiulo Brothers at the request of FBI agent John Connolly. Whitey uses his connection with the agent as a cover for committing murder and Connolly’s control over his informant is scrutinised by his boss. But Soon Whitey is left with no choice but to go on the run.
  • Point Break – A remake of the 1991 film. Following a series of unconventional robberies targeting international financial markets, FBI agent Johnny Utah goes undercover to join a group of extreme sports athletes, led by Bodhi, he believes to be behind the crimes. Utah performs daring stunts, putting his life at risk to ensure their trust. Can he bring the criminals to justice? 
  • Mad Max Fury Road – The fourth instalment of the post-apocalyptic action series from film-maker George Miller. Set in a desolate desert wasteland, the story follows Max, who, following the murder of his wife and child, has been captured by a gang, led by the tyrannical Immortan Joe. In order to escape his captors, Max teams up with Imperator, a woman who wants to travel across the desert and find her way back home. But, after liberating five female captives from Joe’s clutches, she too must escape from the crazy gang leader and his henchmen. Can they make it across the desert in one piece? 
All of the above and many more are available to buy from HMV.

For Her

  • Me Before You – The film adaption of the best seller from Jojo Moyes was released on DVD and Bluray in October and would be the ideal gift for those who love RomComs or tear jerkers.  If they’ve read the book they will love the film adaptation of Jojo Moyes best seller. If they’ve not seen it before make sure they have a tissue or two to hand – they will definitely need them. 
  • How to be Single – The film follows a group of singletons, in New York City as they each learn how to make the most of their status. A film to enjoy with a glass of wine and your best friend whilst having a chilled out girlie evening.
  • In The Heart of The Sea – An action adventure based on a true story which is recounted in Nathaniel Philbrick’s book and was the inspiration for Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’. In 1820 Captain George Pollard, Jr. leads his crew on a whaling. While hunting the men are attacked by a huge whale and find themselves shipwrecked and stranded at sea. 
  • The Intern –  When a 70-year-old widower, becomes bored with retirement he decides to return to work, seeking an internship at an online fashion company that runs a senior intern programme. When he gets the position and as he adjusts to his new surroundings he makes a good impression on his new boss with whom he forms an unlikely friendship.
  • The Wizard of Oz – Follow the story of Dorothy who lands in the wonderful world of Oz after a tornado whisks her and her house away from Kansas. A firm family favourite and certainly one that can be enjoyed over the festive period. 

All of the above and more are available to buy from HMV.

For The Kids

6 DVDs full of Scooby Doo cartoons that everyone is sure to enjoy this Christmas. Available to buy from HMV along with many other family favourites. The perfect Christmas Eve box present and stocking filler.

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