Christmas Pets

Christmas Gifts Ideas For Pets

1. A Squeaky Toy – Young or old if your dog likes toys of the squeaky variety they will love one of the festive themed toys that Crufts have to offer this year. You can choose from many different varieties including a snowman, robin or reindeer. Each toy is priced at £7.50.

2. A Tabcat Tracker – If you own a cat or a kitten keeping them safe / knowing where they are when they are out and about can be a real worry. The Tabcat tracker is a small disc that attaches to your cat’s collar which enables you to locate them quickly with the credit card sized handset. Once activated the handset will bleep and flash colour coded lights depending on how close your pet is, red when they are far away and green when he or she is close by. Tabcat is priced from £69.99.

3. A Woolly Jumper – Christmas Jumpers have been the in thing for the last few years, wouldn’t it be cute if your four-legged friend could wear one too – well thanks to Pets at Home they can. They have a variety of designs available in a range of sizes from small to Large. Prices start from £9.

4. A Hamper full of Snacks – It’s not just us humans who deserve a nice treat or two at Christmas time so do our pets (although make sure they are given treats in moderation). Four Legged Fancies specialise in treats for your pets that are made from natural ingredients, contain no added sugar, salt, colours and are completely wheat free. All their treats are handmade and prices start from £2.50. Their Christmas range includes baubles and crackers full of treats, gift bags and hampers full of toys and treats and many other treats that your pets are sure to enjoy. 

*This post contains PR Samples – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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