Can Using An Air Purifier Improve Your Child’s Allergies?

Do you have a child that has allergies and doesn’t get a good nights sleep due to their allergies? If so you’re probably not the only one. But did you know that by improving the air quality in their room, it could help them to get a better nights sleep. One easy way to do this is with an air purifier.

The UK has one of the highest levels of allergy diagnoses worldwide, and the number of sufferers (both adult and child) is increasing each year. I had no idea that 43 per cent of the population are allergic to at least one indoor airborne allergen such as pet hair, dust mite faeces, chemical fumes and mould spores.

Fellowes recently carried out a survey on 60 UK mums whose children suffered from allergies. The results showed that better air quality could offer a better nights sleep for children with allergies. The study asked the mums to test an air purifier in their homes for four weeks to see if had any effects on their families’ allergies. Within days, symptoms were reduced massively and some of the children even stopped having to take prescription medicine for their allergies.

Over a third of mums (38%) said their child’s sleep was disrupted by an allergy or by asthma at the start of the trial.  

Mike Booth, air purification specialist at Fellowes, said: “Parents with young children already struggle to get the sleep they need and when a child is disturbed habitually by allergies, the whole family’s health can be affected.
“Listening to a child coughing or wheezing all night can be heart-breaking for parents. The AeraMax range of air purifiers could offer significant relief – and some much-needed undisturbed sleep – for both the child and the parents.”

But at the end of the 4 week period every one of them said that they noticed an improvement in the child’s sleeping.

Some of the mums said they felt the air in their child’s bedrooms was cleaner, fresher and over 98% of those who took part in the overall survey said they would recommend the product to anyone with an allergy. A number also said that the device is quiet enough to be left on overnight without disturbing young children. This is something that I noticed when we were recently sent a Fellowes AeroMax DX55 air purifier to try out. I liked how small the unit is and how quiet it was when running. It certainly didn’t keep any of my three awake.

The survey was run via the Netmums website during September and October 2014 ahead of Indoor Allergy Awareness Week which took place in October. Participants with a known allergy were asked to test the AeraMax range of air purifiers by Fellowes.
The AeraMax range uses a four-stage purification system that filters airborne pollution, this helps to reduce the risks of allergy and illness in the family home. Each of the three machines in the AeraMax range features a True HEPA filter. This stands for ‘High Efficiency Particulate Air’, which means that the filter is tested and certified to capture 99.97% of airborne impurities as small as 0.3 microns. The range is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to allergens and is endorsed by Allergy UK, the British Allergy Foundation.

The intelligent Aerasmart Sensor monitors your indoor air quality in real time and adjusts the fan speed accordingly – meaning it’s completely hassle free and automatic. It really is simple to use. 
The AeroMax DX55’s main features include:
  • A Four-stage purification system that captures 99.97% of airborne particles including pollen and other allergens, dust mites, mould spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke
  • AeraSafe™ Antimicrobial Treatment – built-in protection from the growth of odour causing bacteria, mildew and fungi on True HEPA filter
  • An AeraSmart™ Sensor which monitors the air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed to keep the air purified. Blue, amber and red lights indicate the purity of your air
  • An Aera+™ Mode that is designed for peak allergy conditions and increases air flow by 50%* to remove allergens from your air
  • Filter Change Indicators that let you know when it is time to replace your Carbon and True HEPA filters
  • Recommended for rooms up to 18m²
You can purchase a Fellowes Air purifier like the one we were sent or similar from Amazon and other good stockists for around £150.

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