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Being a parent is a lot of hard work (not to mention expensive) and while none of us begrudges a moment of it, many of us don’t realise just how many technical tools there are at our disposal to help us be the very best Mums that we can be.

If you have a smartphone or tablet then you probably use a wide range of apps for all manner of day-to-day activities from checking up on your friends, checking out the news and weather forecasts, ordering taxis and playing music, podcasts and videos to getting a takeaway in on days when you feel like a treat.
If you don’t have a smartphone then you’re missing out on a whole toolbox of solutions to day-to-day life. You might think that a smartphone is beyond your credit or price range but you’d be amazed how affordable they’ve become in recent years. Be sure to check out to www.zaggor.com see the scope of handsets and tariffs that are available to you, whatever your credit score. As soon as you’re smartphone equipped you can dive into this treasure trove of highly useful (and completely free) apps to give you peace of mind and take some of the hard work and stress out of the best job in the world.
Find My Kids
When you were out playing and the sun started to set, your parents probably looked at the clock and paces around the room wondering where you’d got to. Luckily, you can now know exactly where your kids are at all times with the Find My Kids app from Footprints. You can also set up a Geofence around your home and receive an alert when they leave a perimeter established by you.
Many of us worry about our kids’ safety online. Well, worry no more with Mamabear! Not only does it offer the same GPS tracking as Find My Kids, you can also monitor their social media activity and even their text messaging with alerts that let you know if they’re tagged in a photo or even if they use bad language. In a precarious digital world, it’s a great way of protecting your kids from online bullying.
All parents love putting their kids’ artwork up on the fridge but we love it less and less as it becomes faded and yellowed and covered in flecks of marinara sauce. Not to worry! Canvsly is a great free app that allows you to take a snapshot of your kids’ artwork and upload it to a secure server. You can share it with family and friends and even use it to adorn keepsakes and gifts.
Web MD mobile
While we all want our kids to get out and enjoy the fresh air, but we also want to know that they’re safe from the effects of such natural phenomena as damaging UV or allergens such as pollen. The WebMD app gives you discreet alerts when your kids are in areas of high-intensity UV or potentially harmful allergens.
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