Our Top 5 STEM Toys

When I was younger there weren’t many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) toys on the market and what there was, was aimed at boys. Things have come a long way since I young though and today there is a whole host of STEM toys aimed at both boys and girls. Although there are still more toys aimed at boys year upon year toy manufacturers are getting better at designing toys that can be enjoyed by both and there have been significant improvements in the stem toys aimed at girls.

This week is STEM week and to celebrate we are sharing our top 5 toys. They are great for helping children to learn whilst they play. We hope you like our choices.

Gross ScienceGross Magic set
  • Suitable for children aged 7 and over
  • Price – £19.99
  • Available from: Amazon, Smyths

Gross Science* from John Adams is a science kit that will show you just how disgusting the human body can be. Inside the box you will find everything you need to carry out 12 activities including how farts brew, what a poo is made from and how one is formed, why scabs and boils form and make your own, make a life-size bouncy eyeball, a wobbly brain and you can even make edible skin – nice!!! It really is a set for those that like all things gross!

TankBotTankBot Robot
  • Suitable for children aged 8 and over
  • Price – £145
  • Available from Amazon, Apple

Coding is the in thing at the minute with children of all ages. If your children are like My Three and want to try coding for themselves they need a TankBot* in their lives. Tankbot is the first Jimu robot that runs on treads and he is also their smartest robot yet because he has an infrared sensor that tracks lines and senses objects and is able to manoeuvre around or pick up and move with his grab-and-lift function. Tankbot is perfect for getting children who have an interest in robotic construction and coding motivated to learn more. Tankbot runs on the free Jimu robot app on a phone or tablet, it has 3D step-by-step instructions so that users can program smooth life-like movements. Tankbot’s main features include:

  • Six Robotic servo motors
  • Infrared sensor to detect objects
  • Interlocking pieces snap together without tools to create pre-designed characters or your own designs
  • Intuitive programming via an app animates your robotic creation
  • Use pre-programmed actions or program your own by posing, recording and playing back movements
  • A Bluetooth wireless connection between TankBot and your device
Squishy Human BodySquishy Human Body Kit
  • Suitable for children aged 8 and over
  • Price – £17.99
  • Available from Smyths, Argos

This kit is designed to give children a tour of the human body. The Smartlab Squishy Human Body is complete with removable squishy organs as well as representative skeletal, vascular and muscular systems. Using the set children will explore the inner workings of the human body and see how it works! It’s main features include:

  • Teaches children about the bones of the human body!
  • Squishy Organs – A fun way to educate children about the organs in the human body
  • 24-page Activity Book to take children on an incredible journey through the human body!
  • Contents: 30cm plastic human body model and stand, 12 plastic bones and muscles, forceps, tweezers, 9 removable squishy vital organs, body parts organiser, instruction sheet and book
  • Batteries Not Required
Water Experimentswater experiments kit
  • Suitable for children aged 8 and over
  • Price – £9.99
  • Available from eBay, Amazon

This kit contains everything you need to carry out 33 experiments using water. The kit helps with concentration, motor skills, creativity, social skills and learning. It includes Straws, Balloons, Pipettes, Small plastic cup, Petri dish, Syringes, Transparent tube, Modelling clay, Cardboard box, Bottle with liquid for soap bubbles, Soap bubbles ring, Elastics, Paper clips, Marble, Blue food colouring, Red food colouring, Liquid glycerine and Test tubes.

Crystal Growing Kit
  • Suitable for children aged 10 years and over
  • Price – £19.99
  • Available from Smyths

This kit is designed to teach children everything there is to know about growing and cultivating their own crystals. The kit contains everything needed to grow different coloured and types of crystal – A pair of safety goggles, a display stand, a detailed instruction manual, all equipment and chemicals required to carry out the experiments. The instruction booklet contains experiments and explains how crystals were formed when the gases the Earth is made from cooled millions of years ago.

I hope that the above STEM toys have inspired you and your children to try out something new that is both educational and fun.

*Items marked * were sent for the purpose of this piece – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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