What My Dream Bedroom Would Feature

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll already know we are planning a massive overhaul of our home. Over the next 10 years, we want to add a garage, utility room, downstairs toilet, a small porch, conservatory and a master bedroom.

Although our plans are a long, long, long way off and they may completely change altogether it doesn’t stop me from dreaming about all the lovely things my new bedroom will feature. I’ve not run all of my plans by Matthew as yet but I’m sure I can make him come round to my way of thinking before any of the hard work starts.

I hope that my amazing bedroom will have a least one of the following.

An en-suite bathroom – I can’t wait until the day arrives where I don’t have to wait in line for the loo – who knew boys could take so long in the bathroom or check the seat before I sit down (check my you know you live in a house full of boys when post for more about this…) and I can’t wait until the days to where I can have a bath in peace without someone needing to go to the toilet whilst I’m trying to relax with my bubbles and a book.

Roof windows – My plan when we build our extension is to make the use of every bit of space we have and one way of doing this would be for us to have a sloping roof. I love the idea of having a roof window at each side of the house. One reason for this is because I love looking at the stars on a night and would love to have a telescope in my bedroom. If I had roof windows I would be able to see the stars whenever I like and if my bed was positioned correctly in the room I would be able to lay in bed and look at the stars before going to sleep on a night. Therefore, I wouldn’t like that my view was limited by the window so I found Solstro’s roof window glazing which actually might be a good solution.

A dressing room – I’m not talking a huge walk-in wardrobe type of dressing room but I would love a little place of my own to store all my lovely shoes, bags and clothes. I’d love a little dressing table too so that all my makeup, perfume and beauty items have a safe place to be stored.

Bookshelves – I love to read and would love a nice bookshelf in my bedroom so that I could keep all my books close to hand and use it as a room divider. I can just imagine cosy nights in curled up on my bed or in a snug chair with a cup of tea and one of my favourite novels.

What items would you feature in your dream bedroom?

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