You Know You Live In A House Full Of Boys When…..

If you’re a regular reader of My Three and Me you will know that I’m seriously outnumbered… Four males to one female to be precise… even if you include the pets it’s still a high male to female ratio (six males to two females) and boy don’t I know it at times. There’s always something car or fishing related on TV when Matthew is at home and the boys love watching cartoons like Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball. When I want to watch something girlie or musical there are collective sighs all around and don’t get me started on wanting to go shoe shopping – it’s best to leave them all at home for that trip!

I’m not the only one who’s seriously outnumbered by boys, here are some telltale signs from my blogging friends. If like us you’re outnumbered then some of these are probably very familiar to you. 

You know you live in a house full of boys when…

  • There are football boots, sweaty socks and fishing equipment all over the hallway. You will always find My Three in the garden with a football and James loves going fishing with his dad whenever he gets the chance.
  • Burping, trumping and pooing are highly amusing topics whether they’re mentioned on TV, in a book or a game – My Three love Og on the Bog because of the ogre sitting on his toilet making lots of rude noises.
  • You’ve seen The Avengers, Transformers and other Marvel / DC Comic character films/TV programmes 100 times more than you’ve seen Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella put together and Clare from Neon Rainbow Blog agrees with me she said “You really want to watch Beauty and the Beast on movie night but all they want to watch is Transformers… for the 56th time”. Yep, it really does suck to be the only girl in the house when it comes to choosing the films you all get to watch together.
  • You have to check the toilet seat for wee before sitting down as those pesky boys don’t seem to be able to aim straight and when they do actually lift the seat up the little monkeys like to leave it up. Beth would agree with me on this point as she says the toilet seat is always up Twinderelmo – (I went on to have twin girls so now we dominate the house) – well done Beth on dominating your house (I’m a little jealous)
  • It would seem that boys and toilet seats are a big problem. Deborah from Country Heart and Home says… You don’t check before going to the toilet in the middle of the night and accidentally fall in! (…more than once – and on the odd occasion they do put the seat down you decide to hover and pee on a closed seat!!)
  • Rachel from Tots and Tantrums says that you’re always saying “put your willy away” – this is most definitely true when you have a little boy who has just discovered his little boy bits and pieces – I’m glad these days are well and truly over for us. Still, on the Willy subject, Alex from Lamb and Bear says, You have to explain over and over again why you don’t have a willy! – how embarrassing could that be especially whilst in public? but I can remember each of my boys asking me this at least once each….
  • It would seem that modes of transport are a popular conversation choice with parents of little boys. Cat from Rock and Roll Pussycat says you can discuss with confidence various parts of diggers, trains and other road vehicles and how they work. Similarly, Lucy from Tiredfromwhitstable says, you take pictures of cars when you are not with your boys to show them which models you have seen during the day. Still, on the transport theme, Hannah from Planes, Trains and Meltdowns says, you know more about trains than you ever had any interest in learning about! 
  • Jen from Just Average Jen says you go on holiday and all they can talk about is the ladies on the beach who sunbathe topless!! – I am dreading these days… we are planning our first family holiday aboard for next year. We will definitely be making sure that the beaches are family friendly.
  • The cutest answer is from Erica from The Incidental Parent says everyone in your household wants to marry you  – how cute is this. I definitely remember James saying he will always love me and wants to live with me forever.
  • And lastly, there’s a lot of truth in what Debbie from My Boys Club says. She said, I’ve never been much of a girly girl and I love it. Makeup, clothes etc never get borrowed. I get to play with their cool toys. We play video games and watch footie and they give the best hugs. They certainly do give great hugs.

Sometimes I don’t mind being the only girl in the house – let’s face it it’s going to save lots of arguments over shoes and perfume in the future but other times I think it’d be really nice to have someone to play dolls with or snuggle up and watch a really girlie princess film. 

Are you outnumbered by boys in your home? Are any of the above familiar? or is there something else you’d like to add? 

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