YGlider Deluxe Scooter Review

Summer is here and so is the warmer weather, the lighter nights are here to stay for a couple of months and the majority of children are wanting to play out in the garden or go to the park. In our house, the paddling pool has been filled once already and the bikes and scooters have made it out of the shed. If like us you are making the most of the weather but are looking for a first scooter for your little ones let me introduce you to the YGlider Deluxe scooter from Yvolution

The YGlider XL is the perfect scooter for first-time riders aged 3 and over. The scooter is designed to develop a child’s balance, coordination and motor skills – it uses a patented “lean to steer” mechanism which corresponds with a child’s natural skills and capabilities. Choosing a lean to steer scooter over a traditional kick scooter gives your child the chance to learn a skill and one that when they learn to ride a bike will teach them traditional steering. By learning this skill they will improve their vestibular system, strength, and brain function.

The YGlider Deluxe (£39.99) main features are:

  • Unique ‘Lean to Steer’ method for steering
  • Handlebar height 67cm
  • Soft rubber hand grips for a comfortable ride
  • Wide deck with suspension for a safe and stable ride
  • PU casted wheels for durability
  • Easy touch rear safety brake for quick and easy stopping
  • Lightweight aluminium handle bar that’s also removable for quick and easy storage
  • Maximum loading weight: 44lbs [20kgs]
The YGlider Deluxe is part of a wider range of scooters and balance bikes from Yvolution. They have different products to suit all ages and skill levels. 
It is important to teach your child to be safe when riding their scooter, learning these tips early will ensure that they remain safe at all times and hopefully make them second nature to users. It is important that when using a scooter riders wear a safety helmet and closed toe shoes – nobody wants to trip or fall but it happens to the best of us so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Here are a few other safety tips to take into consideration this summer to ensure your little ones keep safe whilst they play:

  • Check the area – make sure the area where your little one is playing is free from anything that could harm them – things like tools should always be put away after use. If you’re in a public area check there’s no broken glass or sharp objects.
  • Always supervise – never leave your little ones alone – they are creatures of curiosity and this can and often does lead to a mishap.
  • Be protected – if children are playing with a scooter or bike make sure they wear a helmet and knee pads.
  • Double check – before your little one peddles / skates away make sure their bike / scooter is in good working order and that they’re laces / loose clothing is tucked away.
  • Be Safe, be seen – when riding at night it is essential that bike riders are seen so ensure that they wear bright or reflective clothing but they can also be useful during the day too.
  • Avoid wet conditions – although it can’t be helped sometimes when riding a bike in the wet you should be careful around wet leaves as they can cause you to skid and slide.
  • Road safety – before children are allowed out on their own it is really important that they know the rules of the road.
  • Protect against the weather – if your children are out in the sun, make sure they have suncream on and that it is reapplied every few hours, make sure they wear a hat / play in the shade and that they have plenty of drinks.

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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