Where Do You Store Toys In A House With No Storage

Christmas and New Year are done and dusted, the decorations are down and in their boxes and back where they belong until next December, the kids have what seems like a million and one new toys and there’s nowhere to put them. Every year we have the same dilemma – where on earth are we going to put it all? With 3 boys who all get new toys and a house that already lacks storage space this can be somewhat problematic and can cause a right headache. 

Now that the boys are back at school I found myself with the task of finding homes for all their new toys. The Plastic Box Shop recently came to my rescue. They stock a wide array of storage solutions for in and around the home, their website is easy to navigate around.

If like us you have zero storage space then under the bed is definitely a place that can be made use of and if used well lots of things can be stored. The twin pack of  plastic Under Bed Storage Boxes with Lids are priced at £19.20 and are blue / lime green in colour. The boxes are extra long in length and can sit under single beds width or length ways. They are UK manufactured with a large 42lt capacity. The lids are designed to simply snap in to place. You can store clothes, toys or books within the boxes. 

If you need boxes that hold a bit more then the plastic Storage Boxes with Wheels and Folding Lids priced at £26.40 for a pack of 3 boxes will be perfect. Each box holds 45lt. The boxes are quite tall so you should make sure you measure the space before purchasing them, but they can be stacked on top of each other as the lids have grooves for the wheels to sit in. You can fill these boxes with clothes, books and toys. They have folding lids and are on wheels making them easier to move and open. What I love about these boxes and the ones above is that they match and can be stacked on top of each other. These boxes are perfect for storing board games and all of James’ Imaginext figures / vehicles.


If your children are like mine then you’ll no doubt have lots of little toys that get everywhere. Nathan’s favourite is lego… He must have 10,000 pieces (OK a slight exaggeration but believe me there’s a lot) then you might need smaller storage boxes. The Spiderman Storage Boxes are priced at £10.26 for a pack of 3 boxes. They look great stacked or placed on individual shelves, they have an 8ltr capacity. The boys love the design on them.


I love that the boys now have somewhere to put all their toys and books, their rooms look so much neater and tidier and I don’t have to despair over where to put any new toys that they may receive through the year as there’s plenty of room left in the storage boxes and when they’re full I know where to look for more and even ones that match.

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