Top Tips For Back to School Shopping

The summer holidays are almost over for another year. For many, it’s time to start the Back to School shop. Some parents are filled with dread with even the mention of “the” shop let alone a visit to town to buy all the essentials. I for one think it’s one of the most stressful times of year that a parent with school-aged children has to face. 

Here are my top tips for surviving the back to school shopping:

  • Don’t leave your back to school shopping until the last minute – there is nothing worse than running around shops trying to find uniform/items that are the correct size / what your little one wants.
  • Buy clothes a size bigger so that they will last a little longer – I don’t know about you but My Three always have a growth spurt about a month after going back to school.
  • Buy in the sales – we all know that back to school items get reduced a couple of weeks after the children are back in the classroom so be prepared for next year or their next growth spurt and buy a size bigger in the sales.
  • Label EVERYTHING, I don’t know about you but My Three are terrible for keeping hold of everything and lose lots over the course of a school year. I always label their uniform and always in more than one place too – inside the seam of a trouser leg or a sweatshirt arm as well as on the clothes tags inside the garment if possible. 
  • Give each child a budget and let them choose some of the items that they need/want. They can choose their own stationery sets, pencil cases, lunch boxes and drinks bottles and it’s never too early to start them learning how to budget their money. The Disney Store has lots of Back to School items from as little as £4.99, there is something for everyone and both young and old students will love the range of character items that are available.
  • If you can buy your school’s badges separately you can buy a non-branded uniform and sew your own badges on them.
  • Keep uniform that isn’t ripped or stained (that paint always seems to miss the apron though doesn’t it) for siblings who may be starting school. 

If your little ones are due to go back to school soon and you’re in need of essentials such as a pencil case*, school bag*, drinks bottle* or lunch bag* then The Disney Store has lots to offer. The boys love The Avengers and were over the moon when we were recently sent a back to school kit with everything they needed inside. The Disney Store has a wide range of items suitable for all ages and from many different characters including Frozen, Star Wars, Avengers, Princesses and Mickey Mouse. 

*We were sent the * marked products for the purpose of this piece – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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