Tips for Getting Better Sleep in Summer

Summer is great as there is nothing better than relaxing in the sun, but there is one area that can be challenging during the hottest months – sleeping. We’ve all tossed and turned into the early hours due to the stuffy heat, so what are a few ways to get better sleep during summer? Read on for a few simple ways to catch some shut eye in the heat.

Lighter Bedding
Summer is hardly a time for getting cosy under a thick duvet and you will often wake up to find your duvet and pillows thrown to the floor. Instead, opt for much thinner and lighter bedding – this should include cotton sheets and cotton weave blankets.

A fan is a fantastic investment to make for the summer and you will find yourself constantly using it throughout the day. Perhaps its best usage, however, is in the evening. Set the fan up pointed towards your bed and you will have a constant cool breeze to help you drift off.

Wear as Little as Possible
An obvious one – wear as little as possible (cotton sleepwear is best) or nothing at all to keep you cool. Sleeping in the nude can actually bring various other benefits, but it may not be appreciated if you sleep in a shared room!

Tepid Shower
Before getting into bed, take a cool but not ice cold shower to reduce your body temperature and help you feel clean getting into bed. An ice cold shower will actually have the adverse effect as your body will increase its temperature to fight off the cold.

Dehydration also plays a role in disturbing sleep during summer. Stay hydrated during the day and keep a bottle of water by your bedside for if you wake up with a dry mouth. Keeping a spray bottle by your bedside can also cool you off.

Electric Blinds
It is not just the heat that can make sleeping difficult in summer, it is also the extra light that we get. Electric blinds, available from places like Direct Blinds, are a great way to control the blinds from the comfort of your own bed and keep out unwanted light. In the morning, you can then hit the switch and relax as the blinds rise and the natural light cascades in.

Sleeping in summer can be a real challenge, but the above tips should make bedtime much more comfortable and manageable so that you wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy the sunshine.

*This is a collaborative post*

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