Teksta – The Puppy of the Future!!

Character Options is proud to introduce the “Best in Show” puppy that has got everyone talking, meet Teksta! The Robotic Puppy! 

Teksta comes from  a pedigree line of first class youth electronics, that wowed the world in 1999, selling over 8 million pieces! Now Teksta is back – This is a puppy of the next generation with all of the innovation and design to prove it! More lovable, more interactive and with an increased ability to learn and adapt – this is the Robotic Puppy of the future! 

Recently Teksta took part in a space jump. He went up to an altitude of 97,000 ft before returning to earth by Parachute and even endured temperatures as low as -61 Celsius. He is most certainly a super dog and toy in my eyes. You can see his jump in the video below.

Teksta is available in two colours – Pink and Blue and will launch to the world with a woof! So if you’re thinking of buying a puppy for Christmas, then choose one that comes without the break-of- dawn walks in the rain, the puddles in the kitchen and the 5am wake up calls!

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