Schleich Dinosaurs Review

We were recently asked to review some Schleich dinosaur toys. The boys were sent 3 dinosaurs to review. They were sent a Triceratops, an Allosaurus and a Parasaurolophus.

When I first looked at the dinosaurs I was extremely impressed with their quality. They are solid and definitely wont break easily. On closer inspection you can see every bit of detail on the toys. From their scales and teeth to their eyes and claws. I believe this adds to the quality of play that a child receives from a toy too. If a toy looks realistic then they are more likely to play with them more. Because the detail is so great on the toys they would make a lovely collection to be put on display in a child’s bedroom once they’ve stopped playing with them.

The dinosaurs are aimed at children aged 3+ but James loves them and has been playing with them more than his brothers – this is because he wont let them play with them and not that they don’t want to play with them. He is a little obsessed at the minute with monsters and dinosaurs so all he says is “ROAR” and these 3 have made lots of noise over the last week or so in our house, courtesy of James and his imagination whilst playing with them. 

You can buy these dinosaurs and other ones online or from most good toy stores. They range in price from £3.99 to £12.00 depending on the size of the toy. Schleich also sell other role play toys such as people and farm animals. We will certainly buy Scleich toys in the future.

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