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If your little ones watch CBeebies you’re probably very familiar with the Go Jetters. If not then let me introduce you to Foz, Lars, Kyan and Xuli, four explorers who along with their mentor Ubercorn travel the world fixing glitches created by Grandmaster Glitch and the Grimbots. Each show teaches little ones about different places around the world in which we live and feature songs, music and lots of facts about the places they visit.

To celebrate Fisher Price’s recently released brand new Go Jetters toy range we were asked to host a Twitter party. We were sent a huge box of goodies including the brand new Go Jetters DVD and some of the new toys to try out. If you joined us over on Twitter yesterday you would have seen that the other hosts and their children were just as impressed with the range of toys as we were.


The toy range includes:

  • Go Jetters Jetpad – Headquarters as seen in the show! The playset comes fully equipped with a cool projection feature, rolling wheels and fun sounds, phrases and theme song that little ones can enjoy on their next geographical adventure! Open the playset and the projector flips to reveal 8 landmark images on the control panel screen – make sure they haven’t been glitched!Use the ladder to get to the second floor, and slide Kyan along to see the bay doors open revealing a secret room! Find the two unique click-ons inside – G.O. Boots and G.O. Grab and slide down to begin your next adventure. The Jet Pad Head Quarters can also seat all four Go Jetters figures.
  • Go Jetters Voomster – Go Jetters fans can close the dome and press the button to see the light-up display illuminate the windshield. Best of all, the Vroomster includes intrepid pilot, Xuli who can steer the Vroomster, with seating space for all four Go Jetters to join the ride. Little explorers can even pull out the side boosters for Xuli and the other Go Jetters to jump onto and ride outside as they explore. Fun sounds and phrases including the Go Jetters theme song can be activated as little ones enjoy their next geo-adventure!
  • G.O Force Weather Launcher – Little ones can help the Go Jetters on their next geo-adventure with the new G.O Force Weather Launcher! Inspired by the Go Jetters’s G.O. Force Click-On from the show, little ones can un-Glitch landmarks using the five weather elements to helpsave the day! Just load the launcher with the weather discs, pull back the handle and launch the elements including rain, water, snow, lightning and cloud.
  • Glitch and Grimbler – Go Jetters fans can glitch the world’s most famous landmarks with the new Grimbler vehicle! Little explorers can roll the Grimbler along and watch Glitch’s moustache pop in and out! The Grimbler comes with an exclusive Grandmaster Glitch figure and a Grimbot.
  • Foz + G.O Giant Suit – Super-smart geography expert and mathematician Foz can always crack the code to Grandmaster Glitch’s plans! Go Jetters fans can recreate Foz’s adventures with Foz and G.O. Giant. Once Foz is inside his Click-On suit, press the button and watch the suit pop-up to make him super tall! Preschoolers can use Foz’s mighty G.O. Giant Click-On to grab objects for geographic exploration using the moving arms and cool claw hands. Roll G.O Giant onto your next destination and stop Grandmaster Glitch in his tracks using the energy bolt projectile launchers to launch a burst of energy. Insert an energy bolt into the suit’s right arm, press the button and launch a burst of energy!
  • Action Figures – Go Jetters fans can collect all of the Go Jetters Figure Packs and join Kyan to use G.O. Board and visit the Sphinx from Egypt, use Xuli’s Click-On, G.O. Dive which helps her visit the Wielickzka Salt Mine sculpture from Poland, help Lars the master engineer with G.O. Fix to visit the Antarctic ice sculpture of Glitch or take a trip to see the Statue of Liberty with Foz and his Click-On G.O. Mag.
Prices start from £6.99 and are definitely going to be popular with little ones this Christmas and are currently available from both Argos and Smyths. When I first unboxed the toys I noticed immediately that all the toys were exactly like they are on TV – I don’t know about you but I get really put off buying toys when they look nothing like the character they are meant to portray. I also noticed that the toys are sturdy and made from good quality materials they will certainly withstand lots of play – which is what all parents want when we buy our children something to play with. We want them to last and we want our children to be able to play with them over and over without breaking. I love that both the Jetpad and Vroomster have buttons that when pressed say phrases from the characters and TV show – the Go Jetters theme tune is very catchy and when I hear it I can’t help but sing along. There is an on / off button so that when the toys aren’t in use they can be turned off.

During our party we took part in a range of activities and games. James and his guests had lots of fun trying out the different Go Jetters toys whilst taking part in a treasure hunt, weather bingo and biscuit decorating. Before they left our guests were given a party bag full of sweets and toys to take home with them.

You can catch Go Jetters on CBeebies every day at 7.55am and 5.25pm and if that wasn’t enough you can catch their adventures on DVD too.

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