Oh How Technology Changes…

It’s hard to imagine a life without technology. Everywhere you look it’s there and it’s changed massively in all areas. One type of technology that has seen great changes over the years is the ability for video recording.

When I was younger camcorders were a very new technology and something that not many people owned – my parents certainly didn’t own one and the only time we ever saw them being used was big family occasions such as a wedding or christening. In fact I don’t think there is any video footage of me as a small child – there’s plenty of photographs but no videos – this is probably the reason why I hate being filmed now. The kids on the other hand love it and we have lots and lots of videos of them. Some taken on our phones and some on our camcorder. Our camcorder is about 10 years old (probably older as we were given it by Matt’s parents) and uses miniature video tapes to record – yes really!!.

Maybe some time within the next year we will think of upgrading our camcorder – we’re not in a rush as the one we have works fine but it is a bit of a task when it comes to wanting to watch the footage or trying to transfer it from the camcorder. If / when we do we will certainly be looking to see what the best camcorders on the market have to offer. One brand we will look at is Panasonic. We have a few products in our house and have never been disappointed with them. I really like the new models and it’s amazing when you see what they are capable of these days – Technology really does change but certainly for the better. When we get married (hopefully next year) we were looking into paying someone to film our big day but I think if we are lucky enough to be able to upgrade our camcorder to one that has 4k recording capabilities even my mum or dad (who are the least tech savvy people I know) would be able to get some great footage of our big day – saving us a fair amount of money in the process.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your camcorder take a look at the short video below to see what the new Panasonic models have to offer.

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