Fridgemaster MC55264DB 70/30 Black Fridge Freezer

Fridgemaster MC55264DB 70/30 Fridge Freezer Review

If you have just moved into your first home or you’re looking to buy a new Fridge Freezer then let me tell you a little bit about the Fridgemaster MC55264DB 70/30 Fridge Freezer that we were recently sent to review from

On first looks, the fridge freezer looks very stylish, is compact and modern in design and will fit within almost any kitchen layout. It stands 180 cm tall and is 55cm wide. The fridge freezer has reversible doors so that you can decide which way you want it to open meaning it has easy access when in any home.

inside the fridge freezer

On the front of the fridge door, you will notice that it has a water dispenser. No plumbing is needed for the dispenser as it is easily filled inside the fridge as the liquid is stored in a sealed tank under one of the door shelves. You can put just water in there or even your favourite fruit squash so longs as you rinse the tank out once empty. There is no filter system and the whole dispenser can be easily cleaned.


On closer inspection inside the fridge, you will see that there is plenty space for all your food and that it has a nice bright internal light. The fridge has a  262-litre capacity and can hold up to 14 bags of food shopping inside. You will also notice that it has adjustable shelves and a handy salad crisper drawer so that all your fruit and vegetables have a safe place to be stored.

inside images of the fridge

The Freezer has three drawer compartments and storage capacity for 66 litres. There is also an ice cube tray included with the fridge freezer so you can always make sure you have ice to hand when needed. You have to manually defrost the freezer which can be a chore for some people but more often than not this isn’t something that is a big deal.

food inside the freezer

Key Features:

  • 262-litre capacity – can hold up to  14 bags of food shopping
  • Crisper drawer for your fruit and veg so that it stays fresher for longer
  • A Water dispenser
  • Reversible doors to suit your kitchen layout
  • Dimensions – H180 x W55 x D55.8 (cm)

Overall, I would recommend the Fridgemaster MC55264DB 70/30 Fridge Freezer. It looks small in size but it has plenty of space. It is basic in terms of the functions it has to offer compared to high-end brands but for £259 (current price) it is great value for money.

We have used on a number of occasions and would highly recommend them. They are one of the first websites we visit. They are competitive on price and even have price match policies (check online to see for yourselves) so that you always get the best deal. If you need your new appliances installed or your old ones to be taken away this can also be arranged for you and they will always do their best to deliver on a day that is convenient for you.


*We were sent this appliance in return for an honest review – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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