First Day of ‘The Holidays’…

Is it wrong that I’m already counting down the days to when my ‘cherubs’ go back to school? I wouldn’t say they have been really naughty so far (give them chance were only on day one) but they have constantly nagged for anything and everything. We’ve not had the best of weather either so its not like they can just go and play outside  in the garden.

I think we are going to have to rethink this holiday plan (was hoping for a relaxing few weeks at home in the garden) and get out as much as possible or else well all be stir crazy by the time September 6th arrives. We usually have Matt’s little boy come stay with us as he lives in Ireland but due to unforeseen circumstances it looks unlikely that we’ll be having him with us this year, which is a shame as his brothers do love seeing him but these things can’t be helped.

We are hoping for a weekend trip to Silverstone in August to the Renault World Series but that is a long way off. I’m hoping the weather improves too or else a soggy camping experience will definitely be on the cards for us all. It will be our 1st camping trip as a family of 5!! We have only attempted camping once and this was when Callum was small and Nathan stayed with my mum.

If anyone has any ideas for cheap or free family days out please let me know, it would be fab to have a cheap 6 weeks this year.

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