End Of Year Reports From School

Yesterday the boys brought home their reports from school. They have always had brilliant reports but this year they were simply amazing. I am so proud of all three boys and I can’t put into words just how happy they have made me. They have worked so hard and I hope they are as proud with themselves as we are with them. I know being academic isn’t the be all and end all to their education (we have struggled a lot this year with James and he’s needed a lot of extra help and support both in and out of school) but to see it written on paper that Callum and Nathan are both working above the national average levels and that James has made significant progress since he started year one in September shows me that we are indeed doing something right with our boys.

A snippet from each of the boys reports.

James' School Report
James’ Report
Callum's School Report
Callum’s Report
Nathan's School Report
Nathan’s Report
Nathan's  SAT Results
Nathan’s Test Results

I hope that all three continue to shine next year with their new teachers and that next year’s reports are as good if not even better.

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