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We all know that children love to play and that getting them to learn at home can sometimes be tricky. As there are so many different toys available to buy it can be really hard to find something that will keep your child entertained and allow them to learn and keep on learning new things. 

LeapFrog have a huge range of educational toys that are suitable for children of all ages. They have fun musical toys that are colourful and engaging so that they entertain younger children. They also have toys that are suitable for older children that allow them to learn, explore and reinforce the things that they are being taught in school.

If you are struggling to find good quality and good value for money educational toys take a look at the whole range of LeapFrog toys. Below are some of our favourite toys from their range.

Melody the Musical Turtle*
Melody the Musical Turtle is aimed at children aged 2 to 5 years old. Children can race the music that Melody plays to find numbers, colours and repeat patterns in 10 light-up activities. The toy has 3 different ways to play:

  • Learn and Play – Play memory games and make music, learn colours and numbers.
  • Look, Repeat and Learn – Press light-up buttons on Melody’s shell to play fast-action memory and learning games, children can play on their own or with a friend!
  • Memory Games – Watch Melody’s buttons light up, remember the patterns and play them back. Patterns get longer the more you play.

Number Loving Oven*
Is a toy that’s suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years old. Number Loving Oven helps preschoolers to count and share. It even includes 16 fun ingredients to help little chefs learn to cook. The cute singing oven will help your child with counting, sharing and vocabulary skills as it has over 30 phrases and songs. You press the chef’s hat to hear songs and little ones can listen and learn fun phrases. The number slider on the front of the oven can be moved and helps your little ones to learn numbers, time and temperature. They can even learn to cook by frying an egg in the pan, baking some bread, a pizza or cupcakes. If your little one places the pan on the hob they will hear realistic sizzle sounds. Once ready they can even serve the food onto plates. The oven can be taken out of the home to play with as everything fits inside.

Is suitable for children ages 1 to 3 years old. When Pup is pulled along children can hear the ABC song allowing them to learn the alphabet and letter sounds. Pup’s colourful sweater stripes double as buttons that when pressed trigger letter sounds and names to help teach children phonics and early vocabulary. Children can pull AlphaPup’s lead or press the music note button to sing along to three learning songs or press the bone button to learn fun doggie phrases.

Count Along Till*
This toy is suitable for children aged 2 to 4 years old. This singing till helps young children to count and it even talks and sings. It has 20 shopping items included meaning your little ones can open their own little business. This toy encourages counting and imaginative role play. The till comes to life with over 50 fun phrases and educational songs. Youngsters can shop for milk and eggs plus other grocery items. They can pay for their items by either inserting the correct amount of coins or swiping a plastic card. This is the perfect toy to play with friends too.

Read With Me Puppy*
Read With Me Scout and Violet are suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years. The toy makes reading fun. Children can listen along as Scout or Violet reads to them and asks questions as each page is concluded. You can choose between 5 books that help build a range of skills including patterns and rhyming. Violet and Scout are very lovable puppies and if children pet their back they will answer questions, if kissed on the cheek or pressed on the paw they will sing songs and talk. There are over 70 different engagement and comprehension questions over the course of the 5-book set.

LeapReader Reading and Writing System
For children aged 4 to 8 years old, LeapFrog has toys that are designed to help them learn to read and write. The LeapReader sounds out words, guides letter strokes and helps build comprehension! Children simply touch pages or words to hear them read aloud, sound out words, and play games that build vocabulary and comprehension at every reading stage. With over 150 interactive books and writing activities, audio books, music and more there is something for children of all reading levels.
When it comes to learning to write children can use the LeapReader to trace letters, numbers, words and more on special paper for mess-free writing. The interactive books feature lively character voices, fun sound effects and activities to help strengthen reading skills. It comes with a rechargeable battery that is charged via USB.

LeapPad Platinum Tablet
Technology is everywhere you look these days so it’s very hard to keep your children away from it. But you can take steps to ensure that whilst they are using a tablet they’re learning and are kept safe online too. The LeapPad Platinum Tablet is suitable for children ages 3 to 9 years old. The tablet features a 7” multi-touch screen with sharp, crisp graphics, a fast and powerful processor and a sleek design. It even features a safe, protected web browser that is designed especially for children. It is full of child-appropriate videos and more – all of which are reviewed or approved by learning experts. Parents can control certain things on the tablet too including password protected time limits that allow parents to manage screen time and they can customise experiences depending on their child’s age and stage of their learning.

An educational gaming system that’s suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years old. It is designed to get a little one’s mind and body moving! The system is designed to get players jumping, dancing and more as they learn core skills across reading, mathematics, science and problem-solving and the great thing is that it grows with your child as the games adapt as your child’s learning progresses. It has audio instructions for younger children who can’t yet read and a controller made for small hands so even the smallest of tots can play. There’s three ways to play – body motion, pointer play and classic control and children can play solo or with a friend.

* We were sent items marked * for the purpose of this post*

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