Dreaming Of Updating Our Living Room

Our living room is long over due a revamp. I can’t even remember the last time we decorated so it’s definitely due a lick of paint wouldn’t you say? and the curtains? well, they were here when we moved in so they definitely need updating.

Along with decorating, new curtains, a carpet and light fittings I’d love to update our tired looking furniture for beautiful solid oak furniture instead. At the minute we have furniture that does the job and it looks ok but you can tell that it was mid-range and what I like to call flat pack specials – there’s nothing wrong with this at all – in fact, everything has served us well and lasted whilst we’ve had small children. The bookcase and TV stand have been ok for storing the kid’s books and computer games but they’ve also chipped and marked easily and are heading towards their expiry date. I’m hoping my next purchases will be an investment and ones that I hope will add both character and style to my living room.

I will definitely be replacing the bookshelf and the TV cabinet in my living room and I would love to add a coffee table and sideboard if there is enough space but this is all dependant on how much room we have as I don’t want to feel overcrowded by furniture.

I will be holding off purchasing new furniture for the time being as much as I want to replace the old items because when we hopefully add our extension we will be knocking down walls and building new ones. We will be changing the length and shape of both our kitchen and living room as at the minute we have a living room/dining room and a smallish kitchen but when we redesign our house we will be changing it to a smaller but cosier living room and a large kitchen diner.

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