A Useful Gift Idea For A New Baby

This year there seems to be a baby boom within my friend’s circle. We’ve babies being born all over the place. Choosing a gift to take to a baby shower or round once the baby has arrived can be tricky as everyone buys clothes or teddies – I prefer to buy something that will be useful and be used a lot rather than just something that can be worn a handful of times or sat in the corner gathering dust. I would highly recommend a present from Milton’s range of sterilising products. They are stylish, affordable and very practical.

The Milton Combi Microwave or Cold Water Steriliser is a 2-in-1 microwave / cold water steriliser. It cleans and sterilises bottles from 2 minutes in the microwave or in 15 minutes when used with cold water. It’s small enough to fit into most microwaves but has enough room to sterilise up to 5 bottles of any brand.

The Milton Solo Travel Steriliser is a 2-in–1 microwave / cold water single bottle steriliser. It is ideal for sterilising when travelling or away from home. It sterilises from 2 minutes in the microwave and in 15 minutes with cold water. It safely sterilises most makes and sizes of bottles and also small baby equipment such as teethers and plastic toys.
The Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser  – is unique and a one of a kind gift idea, there is nothing like it already available! However, it solves every parents dropped dummy dramas when out and about. The little gadget cleans and sterilises dummies in less than 15 minutes and even provides a safe and sterile place to store a spare dummy. The Velcro strap means you can attach the Mini to a pushchair.

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