A Little Joy In The Workplace

A new survey has revealed that the top celebrities envied for having the most fun during their working days include Ant & Dec, for being able to work with their best friend, Russell Brand and Graham Norton followed second and third.  Nick Hewer from The Apprentice also featured highly in the results  due to his dry wit and much-loved facial expressions – the results were fairly conclusive in that comedy is key to a happy days work. 
If I could be any celebrity for the day I think it would have to be Holly Willoughby. She gets to spend 5 mornings a week with Philip Schofield (who I grew up watching on Saturday morning TV as a child), for the majority of time they are on screen they are laughing and joking together, trying tasty food or finding out about the latest fashion trends. She also gets to hang out with her best friend Fern and Keith Lemon on Celebrity Juice. Yup I really do think she has the perfect job.
The survey also revealed some of  the quirky if not strange behaviour workers are using to cheer themselves up in the office – and with the popularity of reality singing talent shows, it seems a lot are getting musical to keep their spirits up – Lets face it who doesn’t love a good old sing song. I have to admit on reading this slightly surprising fact I have images of Nev from The Call Centre (BBC Three TV programme) and one of his staff meetings where he is trying to get everyone in the mood to be more alert and responsive – his idea  was to get everyone Mr Brightside by The Killers. Another thing that almost half of the surveyed admitted to was lip-syncing to hold music and playing loud music at their desks. 
The survey was conducted in late December when everyone’s joy / happy supplies are running lo. Over two thirds of people questioned said they were just getting over the huge run up to Christmas or were feeling rather disappointed with the weather (I think we all feel the same in the period between Christmas and New Year I know I certainly do).
To inspire the Nation’s workforce to bring more joy to their day, Cadbury Dairy Milk conducted the research looking into what people do in the office to cheer themselves up. If you’ve ever done a full dance routine in the office, sung your heart out to One Direction, or sat with your feet up and taken that all-important selfie – all while nobody’s watching – you’re in good company.  Nearly a third admitted to having more fun in the office when they were left  on their own.
The top five ways workers  brought a bit of joy to their office included:
  • Lip-syncing to hold music and playing loud music at their desks 
  • Chatting on the phone to friends or a loved one
  • Enjoying a few chocolate treats 
  • Having a cup of tea 
  • Reading and sharing funny Internet posts 
I have to admit these are all things I do when either on hold or when trying to make my brain engage in what needs to be done. Sometimes I even do them when I need a little pick me up after having a stressful hour or so in front of the computer or when helping the boys complete their homework!!
Despite a rather miserly 15% not bothering to do anything to cheer up colleagues at work, other did say that they use the following tactics to share the joy in the office and turn the gloom into glee.  
  •  Sharing a funny joke 
  •  Sharing a snack or sweet treat with colleagues 
  •  Making colleagues cups of tea 
  • Giving them a hug 
  •  Making faces at colleagues while they’re on the phone 
In fact a massive 79% of all those surveyed believe little moments of fun have a positive impact on colleague’s relationships. A further 34% of Brits are of the opinion that building a little bit of joy into your routine improves your working day. 
Do you agree with these findings? I do I know from past experiences and jobs that there is nothing worse than working with a misery guts. They make your days longer and sometimes I even ended up dreading going into work.  Is there anything you have done to help make your time at work be more cheerful? and if you could swap places with any celebrity for the day and do their job who would you choose?
*The Office Joyous Habits survey was carried out by independent research agency OnePoll between the 23/12/13 – 30/12/13 with 2000 respondents*             

*No financial payment was received for writing this post*

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