The Great British Teddy Bear Company Teddy Review

Almost everyone had a favourite teddy growing up that they loved. I still have all 3 of mine at the back of my wardrobe and I will never part with them – no matter how rough and tired they look. The boys still all sleep with the teddies that they were bought when they were babies and I am sure they will for a few years yet. Even one of my aunties had a massive collection of teddies and on the last count it stood at over 300 bears. If you love teddies as much as we do then The Great British Teddy Bear Company is definitely a company you must visit.

The Great British Teddy Bear Company is a British owned, family run business. They offer an affordable range of hand made teddy bears, each dressed in beautifully detailed British costumes. Great British Teddy Bears are a new kind of collectable teddy. They are made to be played with, they are also washable and safe. Every Teddy is soft enough for little one to cuddle but strong enough to last a lifetime of play and love.
There are many bears to choose from including the Queen, Princess bride Catherine, Robin Hood, Florence Nightingale, St George, or even a jockey themed bear. There is certainly plenty to choose from.
The Great British Teddy Bear Company support many charities and British companies including The Poppy Factory who have been making wreaths, poppies and other remembrance memorabilia. The company decided after having conversations with veterans from many conflicts, that they would change the way they make Great British Teddy Bears. They employ wounded ex-military personnel at the Poppy Factory to dress their Armed Services bears in the UK. Together they are both creating toys in Great Britain that represent the brave men and women that serve our country. It is hoped that in the future the teddy bears that are delivered today to the grandchildren of Veterans will be used to preserve their stories for future generations to enjoy. 
Each Teddy Bear is fully jointed and all of their accessories have been manufactured with care and tested to exceed international toy safety regulations. I love how much detail has gone into the accessories that the bears have. We were sent a Traffic Bobby Bear (Β£29.95) He is one of three Police bears. Traffic Bobby wears a high visibility Police jacket decorated with fluorescent stripes and embroidered epaulettes displaying his rank number (999 so you can teach your child the importance of our emergency number). Both his shirt and tie are removable and can be washed in warm water by hand. His hat and police badge have been carefully copied to both look and feel just like the real thing that a police officer would have. 
If you have liked what you’ve read about The Great British Teddy Bear Company and would like to win a Teddy of your own make sure you enter our competition.

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