Dinosaur Train Toys Review

Our second review for Tomy is some of their Dinosaur Train toys. I had never heard of Dinosaur Train until I had shown the boys and Nathan told me that they were on TV. After doing a little bit of research (god bless the internet) I found out that the toys are based on the Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train TV programme which you can see on Nick Jr.

We were sent 3 interactive dinosaurs and two sets of small figures to review. The interactive dinosaurs are called Ned, Morris and Tiny. They look great and look very much like their TV counterparts – sometimes when toy shopping I notice that there are certain toys that only look slightly like the character they are meant to be and this can be quite annoying especially if its something the boys have asked for as a present.

SmartTalk technology gives these dinosaurs the ability to recognize and interact with each other. Each one has a button that you press to wake them up. If they are stood near each other and all turned on they will talk between themselves and even sing a song. My favourite bit is when they greet each other. You can see this on the video below, you will also hear them singing and telling each other facts about themselves. They really are clever dinos.

You can also play with them independently too and each one has special features of their own. For example if you press Ned’s button he will share lots of fun facts about dinosaurs. He also features chomping sounds, triggered from his mouth and when if you make him walk he makes stomping noises. Also other sounds and phrases are initiated by bending his very long neck. Morris and Tiny also behave the same way as Ned but Morris’ unique feature is  a whipping sounds from his tail and Tiny makes a wing flapping noise when his wings are waved.

The small figure packs have 3 figures in each. These are compatible with the Dinosaur Train toy and they will fit into the different cars and vehicles that are available to purchase. 

These toys are recommended for children aged 3 years+. You can buy the interactive dinosaurs priced from £14.99 and the small sets for £4.99. You can buy them directly from Tomy or other toy retailers.

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