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Why Is Reading So Important for Students?

The benefits of delving into a good book are endless, especially for school students. Brampton College, an Independent Sixth Form College based in Hendon have collated a list of the top benefits!

Reading Improves Cognitive Development

Reading enhances patience and concentration therefore actually helping you with your overall cognitive development. As it requires you to focus for longer periods of time it can also help when it comes to other activities that require focus and concentration. More interestingly, reading is considered an exercise of the brain because it supports your thinking skills and memory.

Reading Improves Vocabulary

Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary as it introduces you to new, unusual words and phrases. What’s more, reading will help you see the correct way to compose a sentence, with appropriate structure and grammar. Increased vocabulary and improved grammar are both necessary in helping develop your ability to express yourself, both verbally and in written form. Verbal and written communication skills are both essential skills throughout school and adulthood. In fact, they are skills that will likely help you get into university and get a job. During your education, these skills will help you with your coursework and exams and likely improve your grades across all subjects.

Reading Sparks Imagination

Simply by sparking your imagination, books can take you anywhere you want to go; away from the worries of everyday life ad into a whole new world. By relating to the characters and their experiences, you will develop empathy, which is important for real life situations. Reading is much more than just dungeons and dragons however; news reports and journals are other things you could read, and are inexpensive sources of both entertainment and knowledge.

Reading Provides Entertainment

Reading can be an excellent form of entertainment and far more advantageous than watching hours upon hours of television in your spare time. It can be a very relaxing pursuit and is proven to reduce stress and anxieties. Making it the perfect pastime for students who need to wind down after school, particularly during exam period when tensions are particularly high.

Some book genres will be more appealing to you than others, so don’t give up on reading after your first attempt. Keep trying until you find something that suits your interests and explore more of that author or particular genre. In doing so, you will reap the benefits of reading.

If you’re looking for a book recommendation check out our reading corner for some of our favourite books.

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