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Tracks of My Years – Emma Reed

This week’s Tracks of My Years is from the very lovely Emma Reed. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although she writes a blog she is also an author and has recently released her first book called Your Teething Baby: From One Parent to Another which you can purchase directly from Amazon

So Emma, Let’s have a look at the Tracks of Your Years:

These are so cheesy hahaha but the best tunes really were from the 90’s

Wired for sound – Cliff Richard

When I was a kid the TV never went on in the mornings before school. Instead my Mum would play her favourite tunes which would get us going. It’s so funny how a song can immediately take you back to that very moment when you were dancing about and getting ready for school.

Like a Virgin – Madonna

My Mum had the album The Immaculate Collection and I learnt all the words and loved it! However, as a child I wanted to know what it was I was singing about so went to my Mum and asked her what a virgin was! After a pause she answered very diplomatically with ‘a type of lady’.

Over My Shoulder – Mike and the Mechanics
A fantastic car tune that would get me, my Mum and my sister singing along. It just makes me think of fun day’s out with some fun people.

Weather With You – Crowded House 

The album of many UK holidays. There seems to be a pattern building here for tunes in the car but it really is the best place to sing your heart out!

Wannabe – The Spice Girls
I remember watching Saturday morning TV in 1996 and seeing The Spice Girls for the very first time. Nothing like that had ever been done before and they were all individual with strong personalities and many young girls were hooked! I listened to this song and was in awe of them. We all knew which one we related to and in 1999 I got to dress up as Baby Spice and perform with 3 other girls (minus Geri of course) at school for Comic Relief.

Backstreets Back – The Backstreet Boys
Oh dear I was in love! Here were these 5 cool American guys who could sing and dance. New Kids on the Block had of course been around previously but I was a bit young to be a fan of a boy band at that time. These were the guys for me and I would practise the dance moves to this song for hours with my mates!

Country House – Blur 

I was of the era of brit pop and Blur versus Oasis. Don’t get me wrong I did like Oasis and Wonderwall is also one of my favourite songs but Blur won the contest. They had so many different sounding songs, some didn’t make much sense, but most were fun and this one will still have me singing along.

Ironic – Alanis Morissette
The teen angst years were well fuelled by the album Jagged Little Pill. She brought about angry, shouty music that you could even cry to. Plus… she swore! Now that is cool in a teenagers world. I even bought the piano music and can admit I still love belting this one out every now and then.

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
This came out the year I met my hubby and he introduced me to the music of this band. It only seemed right that six years later we had it played for our first dance.

Someone Like You – Adele
I am not a big Adele fan but I do find that her songs grow on me. This one was being played a lot around the time of my wedding and it came up during karaoke at my hen do in Rhodes. The DJ allowed us free range on the mic… crazy man… and we sung our lungs out the whole night! This would make me cry when we first returned from our wedding because it reminded me of one the best nights out with all my lovely ladies. Fab memories are linked to fab songs!

Always – Bon Jovi

I not only love cheese (you may have noticed this from the previous song choices), I also love rock and Bon Jovi are the best rock group around. My husband has taken me to quite a few gigs over the years and we have always had the best times. This song was the last one on our playlist for our wedding and just wrapped up the whole day.

Beethoven’s 5 secrets – The Piano Guys

As a piano player I do have varied tastes and as you learn most of the music is classical. It leads you to appreciate all the composers who have come before and even though not all are my cup of tea there are certain pieces which stick out for me. When I heard this piece on a travel agent advert I just had to find out who it was by and this was how I discovered the wonders of The Piano Guys. They take classical or well known songs and put their own take on it. Not all are classically based, they have also used songs such as Titanium, Paradise (Coldplay) and even Let it Go (Frozen). This one gets to me. I would use it to rock my son to sleep when he was a baby and the gentle tones seemed to help him settle. I recommend looking into all of their songs if you haven’t heard of them before.

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

I started to go to Zumba last year and one of my favourite routines was to this song. We would always warm up to it and it just started up the vibe for having fun whilst working out with some fab ladies. I cannot listen to this without wanting to do the actions… I have been seen doing them whilst out running!

Dream Catch Me – Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner is one of my favourite artists today. I feel that over the years I have struggled to find music that I really love or can connect to like I used to as a kid. I guess we all become wrapped up in the nostalgia and no one ever thinks that anything will beat the music you used to listen to in your childhood years. When I heard this song I was hooked! The husky voice, guitar and percussion which was often created on the body of the guitar, was it for me. Both me and my husband have seen him gig quite a lot of times and it’s something we can both enjoy getting out to and doing together. My son is now catching on to the tunes and loves to sing along to Brick by Brick when we are in the car. Looks like my musical tastes may start to influence his own childhood.

Emma Reed.

Thanks Emma for sharing your tracks with us there are certainly some cheesy songs in there but I don’t think your choices are too bad (and they could be so much worse… (Rick Astley featured in the of my years)

What do you think to Emma’s tracks? If you want to have the tracks of your years featured then please get in touch.

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