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Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter

Winter is most definitely on its way, there’s that smell in the air on a night and the leaves are all changing colour and falling off the trees. Although the weather has started to change and the nights are drawing in we are still getting the odd day where the sun is still shining and we’re able to dry washing on the line. I don’t think there are many days like this left but we will definitely be making the most of it and making sure our garden is ready for everything winter wants to throw at it. 

If like us you are wanting to get your garden prepped and ready for the winter ahead here are a few things you need to consider:

Treat fencing and sheds – Hopefully, you have already treated your fence and shed with wood stain or fence paint this year and if so then you don’t need to do it again especially if you made sure that you used a treatment that would protect for a number of years and against all weather elements. But if you haven’t gotten around to this much-needed task then now is the time to sort that out. Whilst the daylight hours are still relatively long and the weather holding up it’s the perfect time to give them the love that they need. 

Rake up leaves / cut the lawn – Leaving fallen leaves on your lawn will kill your grass so make sure you rake them up as soon as possible especially if like us you have a massive tree that sheds its leaves all over your garden (it’s not even our tree which is the annoying thing but it’s our garden that gets the full brunt of the fallen leaves). Before winter arrives you also need to weed any flowerbeds and cut your lawn one last time. But don’t cut it too short or else the grass will die due to the harsh winter weather.

Secure any loose items – Big items like trampolines need to be either taken down or secured so that they won’t be blown over and destroyed should we get any strong windy weather during the winter months. We have lost 4 trampolines (yes I said 4!) since we moved here because we have always forgotten to tie the trampoline down. This year though we are already prepared and have taken off the safety enclosure and secured the trampoline so that it can’t move anywhere until we want to move it next spring.

Provide food/supplies for wildlife – When winter arrives it can be hard for birds and other wildlife to find food so if you can leave them food out in feeders/tables so that they can come and go as they please. We have a family of squirrels who live in the tree next door (the leaf shredding tree mentioned above). Every day we see at least one of them scurrying down the tree, across our playhouse roof and then along our fence to either our bird feeders or a tree in our front garden. We also have robins that visit our garden daily and last year we had a hedgehog who came for his dinner a few times. This year we will be setting up an area that he and his mates can use should they need somewhere warm to sleep.

What things do you do in your garden to get it ready for winter?

*This is a collaborative post*

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