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Three Tips To Organise Your Wardrobe and Keep It That Way

We can all relate to the stereotypical wardrobe: messy, slightly less organised than we’d like and full up to the brim with clothes, shoes and general clutter that has built up over the years. In our minds we’re dreaming of that picture-perfect wardrobe that can be seen on TV adverts and in model show homes: cleanly laid out, nicely ordered and pleasing to the eye.

But just how can we achieve that ‘Hollywood’ wardrobe look?

We understand we get it, starting a monstrous task such as clearing out your wardrobe can seem time-consuming, arduous and simply a lot of effort. We’ll be honest, getting a neat-looking, desirable and clutter-free wardrobe is going to take some effort, but sometimes finding where to start and how to go about it is half the battle. Fear not, we’ve put together three tips to get you started!

Go seasonal on clothing to double up your free space

At any given point in the calendar year, we can have a whole season’s worth of clothes that are not suitable to wear. Whether it’s that pile of swimming costumes and shorts that get ignored throughout the entirety of December, January and February, or it’s your parka coat and scarf that you’ll simply forget you ever owned in the warmer months of June and July – the truth is, these items don’t need to be in your wardrobe half of the year.

Our top tip for an organised wardrobe is to instantly half the space your clothing takes up by storing your out-of-season clothing in a loft space or, if possible, at a relative’s house. When it’s winter, stash away your warm-weather clothing, and swap around in spring – this way you’ll double your free space and be one step closer to your wardrobe looking fantastic!

Say goodbye to items of clothing and belongings that you no longer use

Although you may only wish to temporarily store away your weather-conditional clothes at times, there may be some belongings that you could do without full-stop.

Having a huge clear out, or throwing away lots of your ’stuff’ can be therapeutic for the mind as well as great for putting an end to mountains of clutter that has built up over the years. A good rule of thumb is to look at when you last used an item of clothing. Whether it’s the last time you wore that old knitted jumper or the last time you flicked through that stack of books that you have piled up in the inside of your wardrobe, generally speaking, if it’s been more than 12 months since you used it, it’s probably time to throw it away.

This rule makes the whole process easier, and putting things in black and white this way can really help to remove any sentimental attachments you have to things which in reality, you’ll find you have no logical reason to keep. That’s two steps you can take to clear clutter, great, now you’re well on your way to having the wardrobe of your dreams!

Stack up on some internal wardrobe storage

Once you’ve stashed away your seasonal items and got rid of any extra physical ‘baggage’ you just didn’t need, you’re now free to organise the rest of your wardrobe to make it look presentable and resemble something that you’re really proud of.

The best way to organise the inside of your wardrobe is by installing some internal wardrobe storage systems. So what is internal wardrobe storage? Made up of a combination of drawer systems, hanger setups or shelving areas, typical wardrobe interiors either come with a fitted wardrobe or can be added as an extra. Because they are made up of different compartmental areas for storage, they make it easy to store items away in an easily accessible and ordered fashion.

How to keep a wardrobe clutter-free

After clearing out and tidying away, you should have a much tidier and cleaner wardrobe, it’s now up to you to keep it that way. We think it helps to review your items every 12 months (the first clear out should be the biggest and most time-consuming, the rest will be a breeze!), keep on top of seasonal storage switches and you’ll soon find that you love your wardrobe!

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