Things To Do With The Kids During The Easter Holidays

As much as I love having My Three at home for the school holidays, they soon become bored especially when the weather isn’t so great and with Easter being quite early this year the weather is still quite changeable so days out aren’t often feasible – well they certainly aren’t for us this year with James on crutches due to a badly sprained ankle from a fall at school.

Here are a few ideas to keep the kids entertained on those days where you can’t get out of the house.

1. Play a game together.  
Easter is the perfect time to play games together as a family. Why not try the new exciting and very colourful Pop! Pop! Piñata game from Hasbro. Players take it in turn to hit the button on the base to send a disk spinning upward toward the donkey piñata. A gentle tap will release a few prizes for the player to collect. But a harder hit will pop open the piñata and will release all of the prizes – once this happens then all the players can race to collect the prizes. The player with the most prizes wins!
2. Make an Easter bonnet / decorate an Egg
Easter in our house always involves making an Easter Bonnett for school and as anyone who knows me well knows I am the least crafty person on the planet. Luckily for me and all the other mums out there who can’t craft Asda have lots of craft materials available from as little as 70p. They have hats (for both boys and girls) bunnies, chicks, nests, stickers and coloured paper. We also have to decorate eggs to take into school – and I’m so glad that Asda even have egg decorating kits available – there is nothing worse than trying to think of something individual and unique when you’re about as crafty as a lead balloon floating. 
3. Make A Minion
Fans of the Minions can get creative this Easter with the new Make-a-Bar Chocolate Factory Kit Minions Edition (£9.99). The kit contains everything needed to design and create two unique Minion themed chocolate bars – white, milk and dark Belgian chocolate as well as a re-usable bar mould and templates. To make your bars you simply melt the chocolate in its ‘ready to use’ pouch in warm water and you’re ready to go. Once you have finished creating, simply pop the bar in the fridge for 20-30 minutes….then they’re ready to share and enjoy! You could even make a batch of bars to give to friends and family as a lovely handmade gift too.
4. Get Crafty
My Three are ambassadors for Baker Ross and every so often they are sent a box of goodies. Recently they were sent a box full of Easter crafts and they can’t wait to get stuck in – even this mum who can’t craft can help out without making a huge mess. In this seasonal box there was the following kits:
  • Wooden Bird Feeder (£1.99) Each bird feeder comes with a stainless steel rod and jute string and is made from 10mm thick plywood. No glue required but you can decorate your feeder anyway you like with acrylic paint, Deco pens and / or stickers, you should varnish your feeder once it’s decorated to protect it from the weather.
  • Easter Egg Jigsaw Puzzles (£1.99). Each pack has 8 puzzles. Each puzzle is 14cm x 11cm and is made from 1mm thick card. They can be decorated with felt tip pens, Deco pens, pencils or paint.
  • 3D Bird Scratch Art Decorations (£2.99). Each kit contains 4 assorted scratch art card pieces, coloured ribbon and scratch tool. Simply scratch the surface to reveal the rainbow colours underneath. The birds are created by slotting the card pieces together.
  • Easter Cross Stitch Kit (£3.49). Each kit contains pre-punched card template, coloured yarn and safe plastic needle. The kit contains 5 assorted designs – Bunny, Lamb, Chicken, Easter Egg & Chick. The cards can be decorated before adding cross stitch with felt tip pens or pencils. These are a great way to introduce children to cross stitch.
  • Golden Eggs (£2.50) Each pack contains 10 2-part hinged eggs – the top and bottom pieces snap together. They are ideal to fill with small chocolate eggs and are perfect for Easter egg hunts or treats.
  • Bird Fuse Bead Kit (£3.96). Each pack contains 2 reusable square pegboard templates, 1650 coloured beads, ironing paper and silver cord. Each pack has enough beads to make 6 birds. Once your beads are in place you simply iron them to fuse them together.

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