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Some Holiday Must Have Items

Our holiday away is fast approaching – 1 week and a few days to be precise. I’ve bought my cases and started on the list making to ensure that we have everything ready to pack. It’s even more stressful as I have all my wedding items to remember too.

If like us, you are jetting off for a holiday soon but don’t know what you need to pack my list of holiday must haves might just help.


A bag

If you’re going away for the weekend, a few days or even longer having a decent sized hand luggage bag is essential. These days most airlines charge for extra luggage so it makes sense if you can, to pack light. I am quite small so when it comes to luggage I don’t want to be weighed down or made to look even smaller by having a massive bag. I will be travelling with a Mini Jen bag from Mia Tui when I go to New York. It is big enough to fit in my iPad, Kindle, mobile phone and much more thanks to its numerous pockets.  It comes with a see-through bag for liquids and toiletries (make sure you check what is allowed on board and the size allowances) and I love the little pocket that slips over your suitcase handle so you don’t have to carry your bag at the same time as navigating a suitcase. Inside the bag you will also find a little clutch bag, it can be worn with or without a shoulder strap so is perfect for both days and nights out whilst on holiday.

An iPad case

If you are planning on taking your tablet on holiday with you, you want it to be protected from scratches whilst in transit or should you should drop it whilst on your travels. Urban Armor Gear (UAG) are known for their rugged, lightweight mobile device cases including the Metropolis case for Apple iPads including the iPad Air and iPad Mini. 

The case offers enhanced usability and military spec protection. The smart folio cover provides 360-degree protection and doubles as an adjustable stand. It has built-in storage that will keep an Apple Pencil safe.

A Phone case

Just like your tablet, you want your phone to be safe whilst you travel. I learnt the hard way and now always have my phones covered. I love a clear phone case as it means you can still see the beauty of your phone – especially if you have a shell that is something other than black. Speck’s clear phone case has a high-tech coating that resists UV rays, oils, and other substances to help prevent discolouration. It’s patented two-layer design absorbs and disperses shock on impact and is designed to withstand drops of up to 8 feet, it’s raised bezel helps to protect your screen from scratching and shattering if your phone falls and lands facedown.

A GrabTab

A GrabTab is a card-sized super-slim (3mm thick) accessory that gives you a secure way to hold your phone or stand it up for viewing and also allows for wireless charging. Perfect for watching videos or surfing social media whilst travelling. Simply stick your GrabTab to the back of your phone and slide the flexible centre strip until it locks in place. Slip your fingers through the loop to hold your phone comfortably while taking selfies, texting, and more. Turn your phone sideways, and the loop becomes a convenient stand for watching videos or hands-free chatting.

Personal Items

A menstrual cup

I personally couldn’t think of anything worse than it being that time of the month whilst travelling on a long journey. But these things happen so it’s always best to go prepared. If you are short on space in your luggage or visiting places, where it’s not always easy or convenient to find a toilet often (think camping, festivals, whilst travelling or flying) then a Menstrual cup, would be a great item to take with you. The Intima Lily Cup Compact comes in two different sizes (one for women who have given birth and one for those who haven’t). Each cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone, offers up to 12 hours of period protection and covers light to medium flows. There is no risk of toxic shock syndrome when using a cup like there is with tampons. When not in use it collapses flat into a protective case. It is both reusable and eco-friendly – simply rinse out and reinsert. When finished with rinse, clean, dry and put it in its case until it needed again.

Tooth Flossing Picks

There is nothing worse than needing to brush something out of your teeth and not being able whilst you are away. DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks are perfect for this and feature silky floss to remove food and plaque without irritating gums. The Y-shape pick has an angled floss head so you can easily reach your back teeth and has a minty flavour which leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

Hair Care Products

Whilst away you want your hair looking its best especially if you have a big even planned. Some products you might want to consider include:

MONAT Reshape Root Lifter

An alcohol-free root amplifying spray that creates long-lasting, high-impact volume. It provides protection against heat styling induced damage and increases shine significantly. It is perfect for adding volume when it is too hot for a blow dry. Available from

OSMO® Blinding® Shine Illuminating Finisher 

A high gloss shine spray with a luxe, lightweight formula for a vibrant sleek finish. Available from Feelunique.

Smooth & Shiny Jet Set

This Philip Kingsley set contains everything you need to leave your hair soft, shiny, smoother and more manageable. The products reduce frizz and deeply condition hair, making styling easier and providing more control. The three products in the set are approved for airline liquid carry-on limits. The set includes Elasticizer Extreme, Re-Moisturising Shampoo, Re-Moisturising Conditioner and a clear travel pouch.

Beauty Items

Christophe Robin Regenerating Balm

A multi-purpose concentrated treatment for hydrating nourishing, protecting, repairing, soothing and styling. The balm contains 99% natural oils and butters and gives instant results from the first. It is suitable for all hair and skin types. It’s perfect to pack in your hand luggage and can be used for dry skin, hair, lips, elbows and cuticles. Available from Space NK, and

Fake Tan

If you’re an avid sunbather and want to start your tan off with a good base colour try St. Moriz Gradual Tan & Protect Cream. The mixture of a gradual tan and SPF 30 helps you develop healthy sun-kissed skin without the sun damage. This hydrating, soft formula offers both UVA/ UVB protection, making it the perfect solution for sunny days and hot holidays. If your skin is sensitive to the sun then why not achieve your bronzed look while avoiding strong sun rays. St. Moriz Insta-Grad Tanning Mousse delivers convenient and time-saving instant colour, as well as building up a natural glow over time.

Flawless brows

When you notice a stray eyebrow hair or a new area of stubble that needs immediate attention, you’re often out and about, at work or enjoying a social occasion where you need to look your best. Finishing Touch Flawless Brows is stylish and discreet so that you can keep it with you on the go. The precision-engineered eyebrow shaper and hair-remover has a small, accurate micro-precision trimming head, encased in an 18-karat gold plate. It is designed to cut eyebrow hairs quickly and cleanly every time and will never go blunt.  


SEKSY Entice is a sweet, fruity fragrance with notes of apricot and mandarin, blackcurrant, rose, orange blossom, caramel and jasmine. The fragrance also has notes of sandalwood, vanilla and amber.  The perfume comes in a 12-sided bottle embellished with a Swarovski® crystal, it’s the perfect size to pop in your handbag whilst on your travels., All Beauty, and Next Stores.

Other Items


If you are going away for a few days think practically when it comes to packing your luggage, think lightweight, smart, casual, occasion all rolled into one. I was sent a dress and jumpsuit recently and can’t wait to wear them on my holidays. They are perfect for a walk in a park, a visit to a museum or an evening meal out.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

It may escape your thoughts but if you are staying in an apartment, bungalow, villa or in fact any type of accommodation including a motorhome or caravan (static or mobile) you may want to take a carbon monoxide detector with you. This will give you peace of mind and reassurance that you and your family are safe from potentially life-threatening carbon monoxide fumes.

Don’t forget to pack any paperwork, your passports, medication and spending money that you will need for your trip. I am due to upgrade my mobile phone the week before we go away and will be selling it to put towards extra spending money for our holiday. If you’re in a similar position you can sell your mobile to make some extra money too. The great thing is that you can sell almost of any make of phone but especially iPhone and Samsung models even if they’re broken. 

A final tip worth remembering if you have lots of electrical items with you is to pack a travel plug and an extension lead (in your hold luggage) so that you can charge / use all of your electrical items as and when required rather than taking multiple travel adaptors or waiting on the plug being free.

Are you travelling soon, what items are you taking with you?

*The items mentioned were sent for inclusion in this post*

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