Playskool Simon Says Sit N Spin Toy

Playskool Simon Says Sit ‘N’ Spin

The Playskool Simon Says Sit ‘N’ Spin is a toy aimed at children aged 18months+. It is a great toy that helps children learn commands. It can be played in 2 modes, listening to commands on which way to spin, a free play mode where the child can just spin to music. It works just as well without the sound on too.

Callum was bought the Playskool Simon Says Sit ‘N’ Spin toy when he was two by his Auntie Kimberley. He loved it and enjoyed playing with it until he recently got to big for it. He would still be playing on it now if he could.
Nathan and James now play with it and they love it, they are always fighting over who can play on it next. James has only just figured out how to make himself spin on it, before we always had to help him. They can easily spend a good half an hour spinning. They don’t use the music function but this really doesn’t affect the play of the toy at all.

Playskool no longer sell this toy in the UK but it will definitely be a toy that is well used in our house. I have heard and read a lot of bad reviews about the sit n spin but we have never had a problem with it.

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