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Playing With Dolls Is Great Fun

A little while ago we were sent a BABY born Interactive Boy doll to review and I knew just the little lady who would love to help out, Little A. Her eyes lit up when I asked her if she wanted to play with a new doll. She said she did and wanted to call him Hunter. When I asked why she chose this name she said because she had a new baby cousin called Hunter and he was so cute.

Inside the box, you will find BABY born, a birth certificate, friendship bracelets, a bottle, a dummy and dummy clip, a nappy, food, a plate, a spoon and a potty. I was really pleased to see that the doll didn’t need batteries as this very often the case with toys that have lots of born boy and accessories

BABY born Interactive Dolls (RRP £49.99 each) are suitable for children aged three and over. There are three different interactive dolls to choose from. Each BABY born has nine lifelike functions and comes with eleven accessories. Each doll cries real tears, opens and closes their eyes, eats, drinks and fills his/her nappy with wees and poos (when you press on their tummy). They are fully movable and waterproof so they can share bath time with your little ones should they wish.

BABY born dolls are great for children to carry out role play. When I was younger I loved playing with my dolls and in the wendy house corner at school. I love how these days you can get lots of accessories for your dolls – I would have loved them. A loved feeding her doll and changing his nappy. She said he loved his porridge and was a good boy for eating it all up.

Along with the doll we were also sent a BABY born Funny Toilet (RRP £16.99), this is just one of many accessories available for BABY born. When the doll is sat on the toilet little ones will hear a tune, funny sounds and laughter, and even a round of applause when you lift your doll off! When your BABY born has finished simply press the flush button to hear real flushing noises! The potty requires 2 x AA batteries and is suitable for children aged 3 and over.

Other BABY born accessories include:

  • Carrier Seat (RRP £16.99)
  • Table Feeding Chair (RRP £21.99)
  • Travel Seat (RRP £24.99)
  • Changing Bag (RRP £16.99)
  • Bed (RRP £29.99)
  • Rain Fun Shower (RRP £42.99)
  • Wash Basin Water Fun (RRP £29.99)


*We were sent the doll and potty toys for the purpose of this post – any thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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