Pets At Home Advance Nutrition Campaign Results

A few weeks ago I wrote about Ziggy, our one-year-old French Bulldog, taking part in a campaign for Pets at Home. If you can’t remember the campaign or would like to read about it, you can find it here. As part of the campaign, we saw a nutritionist at our local Pets at Home store. She asked us lots of questions about Ziggy and his current diet. she asked us if we had any issues or concerns about him. We said we didn’t other than he had a “lovely” habit of passing wind often which could be quite smelly at times. She suggested a food that would help with Ziggy’s problem. We were then asked to feed him the food for a month to see if there were any improvements.

Below you can see how he got on each week of the campaign.

Week One:

For the first week of the campaign, I gradually changed Ziggy’s food. It is recommended that when you change your dog’s diet that you do so gradually so that they don’t end up with an upset stomach – it’s not very nice for them and it’s really not nice being the person who cleans up after them. Each day we added a little more of the new food – in our case this was the Wainwright’s Turkey and Rice for adult dogs aged 1 – 7 years old. By the end of the first week, Ziggy’s food was 100% the new food and we had no instances of an upset stomach.

Week Two:

Over the second week, we didn’t really notice much change with Ziggy, he still had his very windy bottom which was still very smelly. Each day we measured out the amount of food the packet stated for an adult dog of his size. It really didn’t look like there was enough food in his bowl but the food we were feeding him before had bigger sized pieces so I think that this was why it looked a lot less in his bowl.

Week Three:

Week Three was where we saw the change in Ziggy. We noticed that he didn’t pass wind nearly as much as he was doing before and it didn’t smell as much as before either. I’m not saying that he stopped completely because he didn’t but it was certainly noticeable in our house – which made everyone happier. We also noticed that as he was eating smaller amounts of food he was going to the toilet a lot less than he had been before – a definite win-win for me as I’m the one who gets the oh so lovely job of being on poo patrol both in the garden and when we are on “walkies”

Week Four:

Week Four we had exactly the same results as week three. Although he still passed wind it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it had been on his old food and was definitely something we could live with.

Overall we saw some improvement with Ziggy. We were lucky in that we only had one problem to sort as the food he had previously been on agreed with him to a certain extent. If you have any concerns about the food your pet is eating you can book a consultation at your local store too. They will recommend a food for your dog and if after you have tried the food you don’t see a difference they will give you your money back.

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