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Regular readers will know that I have a section on the blog called Tracks of My Years, where each week a different blogger takes us on a journey featuring their favourite songs from their past. Most include songs from their childhood, songs that reminded them of their parents, from when their children were born and many included their wedding songs – both songs they walked down the aisle to or had their first dance as husband and wife.

This got me thinking about all the songs that if I was having a traditional ceremony and reception I’d want to be played. Although we are getting married in New York and not having a reception as such some of these songs will definitely be making an appearance – even if they are just on a playlist that I make for myself or add to a video of snaps from our holiday and big day.

P!nk – Glitter in the Air

One of my favourite P!nk songs and I really hope that she sings it when I go see her in June. We see her the week before we fly to New York and from what I’ve heard from others who have seen her performances we are in for a treat. 

Matchbox Twenty – Overjoyed

Not much to say about this song other than I bloody love it. A song about love and trust and someone telling another person how they feel about them.

Sara Ramirez – The Story

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it on Grey’s Anatomy. Since then I’ve listened to the original and many copies but out of all of them, this is still my favourite.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Unbeknown to the other person both Matthew and I changed our ringtones for each to this song not long after we first heard it. Although we have never had an official “song of us” this comes pretty close and would most likely be the song we shared our first dance as man and wife too.

What songs will feature in your big day or if you’re already married featured in your big day?

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