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My Living Room Renovation Plans

I don’t know about you but I like to have a focal point in my living room, a place where everyone is drawn to look at when they enter the room. At the minute ours is a feature wall on our chimney breast and a mirror that hangs on the wall above our fireplace. We are in the middle of decorating our house and the living room is the biggest room we have, it is also the room where we spend most of our time so when the time comes to redecorate, it will be the room that we spend the most time getting it exactly how we want it. As the room is so big I don’t think we will have time to decorate this side of Christmas but that doesn’t stop me thinking about some of the items I may add/change.

When we first moved here the chimney breast was papered and painted the same colour as the rest of the room – the whole room was painted magnolia. It looked clean and tidy but it was so plain and boring. Our original plan was to strip the whole room and paper all the walls except the chimney so that we could paint them a different colour and paper the chimney in a different wallpaper. After stripping the chimney breast we saw just how bad the plaster was and decided that it would be the only wall in the room we would strip and repaper and the rest we would just paint over – so this time when we do redecorate we will have to definitely take all the old paper off as originally planned – the job will be hard and time-consuming but it will be worth it in the end. At the minute we have a grey and cream floral design wallpaper on the chimney but I’m unsure what I will change it too at the minute but I do still love grey and flowers so maybe we’ll just update the wallpaper to something similar.

Whilst changing the wallpaper on the chimney breast I would love to replace our current fireplace too. Our current one is so big and bulky and in my opinion looks horrid.  I think a clock would make a great feature item sat on the mantle or table in our living room (if you’re looking for a clock for your home purelywallclocks.com.au have many different designs to choose from). It would also mean that everyone would be able to actually see what time it was rather than always asking what the time was – it would also mean I have no excuses for being late on the school runs anymore.

One thing that our front room is missing is a coffee table. Although our room is reasonably thin I think a coffee table sat on a flat rug would look rather nice. It would also mean that we’d have a place to put all our magazines and other little nicknacks that accumulate in and around our living room.

Are you planning to change your living room anytime soon?

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