Mamma Mia! Holidaying in Italy with Little Ones

Choosing a destination for your family holiday can be difficult, especially if you have little ones travelling with you! However, the amount of fun that you have with your children while they’re still small is special, everything for them is new and exciting. In my opinion, a perfect destination that will allow you and your children the time of your lives is Italy! The perfect family holiday destination thanks to its weather, food, many activities, beaches, and history, Italy is a safe bet; not to mention, Italians love kids (and spoiling them)! If you’re convinced by the country, but still not sure where to go exactly, here are some tips for the best Italian destinations when holidaying with children.


Looking for an adventurous island full of delicious food, wonderful beaches, and a real life volcano on it? Look no further than Sicily! At the tip of Italy’s boot, Sicily has an immense variety of cultural heritage sights, and is a great destination for family trips. Sicily is is home to some of the best Italian traditions, full of traditional towns each with their own special dishes, festivals and cultural differences. The cost of living is low meaning you can eat the divine food and sip freshly made local wine, for half the cost you would at home. If you want to have enough space for all the family members, and really live like a local companies like Wishsicily offer reasonably priced luxury villas in Sicily owned by locals. What’s more, if the kids are old enough it might be nice to travel around a little in a car (which you can rent very easily here), or if you prefer to stay in one location I recommend finding somewhere in the Southeast of the island where you will be close to many of the island’s attractions.


Italy’s capital and home to the world famous Colosseum- Rome is a holiday destination that will leave your children in awe. With monuments adorning almost every corner of the city, and the Romans being friendly and inviting, visiting the city with little ones is fun and entertaining for the whole family. Perhaps initially kids won’t be hugely enthusiastic about the idea of a holiday based around history- but in Rome it is living history and the impressive structures (and real life gladiators!) the eye rolling will soon stop. Some of the best activities for you and the children include visiting the wonderful Trevi fountain and throwing a coin into it; exploring the magnificent Vatican and its high ceilings adorned with some of the world’s most famous artwork (there are also kids tours and treasure hunts available); taking a stroll through Villa Borghese, Rome’s favourite park and shaded area right in the centre of the city! No wonder all roads lead to Rome! If that isn’t enough, think of the food- Roman pizza is crispier than the original style from Naples, and equally delicious as well as typical Roman dished such as Carbonara and Cacio Pepe, followed by an amazing gelato.

PUGLIA (Apulia)

One of Italy’s most beautiful regions, Puglia is not as well known as its other fellow beach destinations. Nonetheless, thanks to its relaxing and easy going atmosphere, Puglia also makes for a great holiday trip for you and your little ones! Full of fun activities and sights to see, Italy’s heel has quite a bit to offer. Take the children to the fantastic Alberobello town where you can all admire the unique “trulli”; tiny white homes with a triangle-shaped roof! After that, go down one of the many water slides at the fun Carrisiland Acquapark, just north of the wonderful Lecce. And if you still have a bit of energy left, an activity that will leave you and the children in love with Puglia is going dolphin watching in Taranto with the Jonian Dolphin Conservation team. Puglia is in the South of Italy and therefore full of interesting traditions and local specialities- the cost of living is very low and the typical southern Italian nature of being very warm and open or visitors will mean the locals will be keen for you to have a true experience whilst in their hometowns!


With a spectacular combination of mountains and incredible beaches, visiting the Amalfi coast is a holiday that your children will remember forever. Not only do you have more than one town for the price of one, but the beach you will find is truly unique to anything you’ll ever see. With the famous Positano and its colored houses adorning the mountain, Amalfi and its gorgeous church right at the center of the town, and Ravello high uptop, looking over everything and everyone, the Amalfi coast is the place to be. The first time you visit this stunning location you will feel as though you have stepped into a postcard and the views are truly spectacular. The beaches are also clean, safe and very child friendly.

Italy is home to an infinite list of destinations that are perfect holiday trips. Other than Sicily, Rome, Puglia, and the Amalfi coast (which are just a handful of the amazing destinations available), don’t forget that Italy is also home to some of the best mountains to ski on, incredible lakes, gorgeous countryside, history galore, and cities and beaches that will blow your mind. The possibilities are endless, and with a little planning it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

*Written in collaboration with Mary J*

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