Kensington SafeGrip iPad Case

Technology now plays a huge part in our children’s lives whether we like it or not. It is everywhere and is hard to escape from. At my boy’s school they use a lot of gadgets and are encouraged to do the same at home. Luckily for my children they have lots to choose from both at school and at home. I am one of those parents who tries to let her children embrace technology where ever possible. Having just said that I do have my limits to the amount of time they spend on the computer or iPad as I do like them to play with normal toys too. I do like the boys to respect the gadgets that we have though but do worry that they can be too heavy handed especially with my iPad. Luckily for me I was recently asked to review a new case from Kensington  that is specifically designed for the iPad and is aimed at children users.

The Kensington SafeGrip case features a rugged handle, this is perfect for little hands. The handle can also be used as a stand. There is also a stylus holder on the case and a personalisation slot on the back, so you can put a name tag on it so you know who it belongs too. 

The key features of the case include:

  • Made from a tough, padded material to protect against drops and bumps
  • Built to survive the outdoors, kids and shared-use environments
  • Comes with a screen protector
  • A handle for carrying, ideal for kids and prevents drops
  • The handle doubles as a stand with type and view modes
  • Built-in stylus holder and personalisation pocket
  • Has access to all ports – charger socket, camera, headphone socket etc
  • Suitable for iPad 2 and newer models
The case is priced at £39.99. Some people may think that this is expensive. But if you think about the actual cost of an iPad this really is a small price to pay in comparison to replacing a whole tablet. Even if you have house insurance you will more than likely have to pay an excess so why not have a little piece of mind with a case that you know will protect your iPad well.

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